Why Should I Become A Microdrones Distributor? Products

In this series of videos, the marketing team discusses the Microdrones/Distributor relationship and examines some of the reasons to become a Microdrones Distributor. The answers they come up with have been divided into a 4 part video series.   Here, they review the full integrated solution that makes up the Microdrones product.

Tune into the other answers at these links: People. Places. Programs.


The products that Microdrones manufactures are much more than just drones. It’s why they emphasize their integrated UAV systems are part of the full solution. Distributors have to have good products to offer their customers and the knowledge to back them up. “It's never enough to just make a cool technology,” says Dziok, “because this is not an established long-term product. This is a market that people are still warming up to the fact that they need to make it a part of their business. We can make a fantastic product, but you also have to educate the distributor how to sell it and what the key benefits are.”

Most importantly, when you offer your customers Microdrones products, you are offering a fully integrated technology solution that helps them to innovate, to stand out from competitors, to work more safely and efficiently and to collect and use data in a more valuable way.

From unmanned aerial photogrammetry to LiDAR and area concern maps, you will have access to a full lineup of products that meet the needs of survey, construction, engineering and geomatics professionals. Your offering and engagement with these customers will grow, as their business grows.

At Microdrones, our products are field tested and field proven. That means that we are constantly soliciting feedback from customers and using it to improve our systems. It’s all part of providing a world class system that ties together hardware, software, workflow, training and support.

Smart distributors understand that a true system sell better engages their customers and creates big sales opportunities. This is a high value system and equipment purchase, not just a drone. In addition to the initial sale, successful distributors enjoy new recurring revenue streams from software and training sales, as well as cross selling into new and complementary applications from Microdrones. Our systems are expandable and upgradeable.

If you would like to learn more about Microdrones integrated systems or schedule a flight demonstration, CLICK HERE to speak with one of our representatives.