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A Geo-Odyssey of UAS LiDAR Mapping

As Seen in Inside Unmanned Systems, April-May 2018 Issue
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Microdrones has been flying the mdMapper1000DG advanced aerial mapping solution at the White Birch Paper mill in Quebec City for three years, providing a safer, more cost-effective way for the company...
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As seen in VDV Magazin: mdLiDAR1000

As seen in VDV Magazin 02/2018: GEOBüro Mobile
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Tools not Toys: Exploring the Cost Benefits of Drone Use

Mike Dziok, Marketing Director for Microdrones, and Sean Heath discuss how the introduction of drone technology is not a replacement for actual surveyors.
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Mapping a Runway at an International Airport – as seen in 2018 xyHt Heights issue

As Seen in xyHt Heights 2018 issue: the Microdrones team used the mdLiDAR1000 system to map a runway at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY. 
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Microdrones on an International Path to Success

As seen in "TOP Magazin Siegen", Spring 2018 issue Drone flights over Australia, South America, and the Arctic Since it was founded in 2005 and since the development of the world’s first...
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“Course Corrections” with UAV-based LiDAR

As Seen in Inside Unmanned Systems, March 2018 issue. Frontier Precision uses fully integrated UAS-based LiDAR system to help contractor meet unusual topographic specifications.
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Microdrones Tracks Mole Activity in France

The IntelEspace geomatics platform of the MSH Clermont-Ferrand (USR 3550) conducted research with a Microdrones UAV, equipped with different payloads for acquiring data (camera, multispectral, thermal...
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As seen on Microdrones software optimized for Trimble Business Center

Microdrones, a provider of UAV solutions, has expanded its workflows and software across all products to blend seamlessly with the Trimble Business Center.
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As seen on mdLiDAR1000: taking the fully integrated drone lidar solution to the next level

The 2018 edition of the International Lidar Mapping Forum kicked off with a new product announcement of the Microdrones mdLIDAR1000, exemplifying the technological developments that are raising the...
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As seen on UAV LiDAR solutions for surveying

Microdrones will present its mdLiDAR100 drone lidar solution at this year's ILMF, which the company says is optimized for end-to-end land surveying, construction, oil, gas and mining applications.
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As seen in What I Saw at ILMF 2018

At the 2018 International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver, Colorado, the Microdrones team revealed its mdLIDAR1000 system, the first in a lineup of fully-integrated unmanned aerial LiDAR systems.
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A higher class of UAV lidar

As the market rapidly adopts UAVs to collect remotely sensed data, UAV and mapping practitioners are learning that professional purposely-designed tools are required for professional work.
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Microdrones featured in nationally televised ad for Australian Mining

The team from Microdrones was thrilled to see our products included in this awesome video from the Minerals Council of Australia/ RIO TINTO.
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The Drone industry is ready for takeoff

Radio Canada recently visited the Microdrones office in Vaudreuil, QC Canada. Here is there report: For our French speaking friends:...
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Customer Satisfaction

From the pages of the 2018 xyHt Outlook edition, Microdrones President Vivien Heriard Dubreuil shares his vision for Microdrones and the coming year. Read about it here.
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An Interview with Mike Dziok, Marketing Director at Microdrones

Dziok explains, “I’ve always thrived on helping to take abstract ideas from concept to completion. Microdrones is a dream job for me in that I’m working alongside brilliant people who are creating an...