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Need High Quality Orthophotos? Watch this Geospatial Genius.

With LP360 get Ultra-fast ortho mapping for high quality deliverables

For almost two decades, GIS experts have been dependent on LP360, a sophisticated LIDAR software package renowned for its exceptional 3D High-Performance Point Cloud Processing capabilities. This software simplifies the task of extracting valuable data and creating user-friendly deliverables within an intuitive GIS setting.

Why do professional rely on LP360? What distinguishes this software from other tools available in the market, and why might a geospatial specialist endorse its use? These are a few of the inquiries we delve into in our newly launched series, "Geospatial Genius," where we seek insights from both our valued customers and dedicated employees.

See how LP360's featured expert user, Matt Brownlee (Commercial Production Manager at T3 Global Strategies) uses LP360 Drone software to process data collected with the TrueView 535. Watch how he quickly and easily uses LP360 to create an orthomosaic for the first UAV Mapping project for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Click the image below to see how Matt processes the raw flight data from their TrueView 3D Imaging System.

Click the image above to watch Geospatial Genius

Unlock Your Geospatial Expertise

LP360 is a well-established choice among geospatial professionals in fields like surveying, civil engineering, transportation, mining, construction, forestry, and utility companies. It empowers them to process point cloud data, resulting in the creation of highly precise deliverables.

LP360 offers two distinct product lines, designed to enhance your workflow for all your LiDAR and photogrammetry data processing requirements. LP360 Drone stands as the central offering for drone geospatial data workflows, providing the means to transform LiDAR and imagery data. It encompasses essential functions like visualization, quality assessment, classification, 3D editing, and in-depth analysis capabilities.

The LP360 Geospatial product line processes LiDAR data or images captured from a variety of aerial or mobile sensors of your choosing. It excels in analyzing and extracting value from extensive LiDAR datasets.

Both product lines are equipped with an array of tools for rapid visualization and the generation of derived products. They boast advanced features, including automatic classification and feature extraction. What's more, LP360 seamlessly handles point cloud data directly from the industry-standard LAS format, eliminating the need for time-consuming import or conversion procedures.

Learn more about our LP360 LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software or schedule a time to meet with one of our sales representatives today to add LP360 to your workflow.