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Year End Savings on Drone Surveying Equipment

Take advantage of a Year End Black Friday Special Offer from Microdrones and save on your purchase of drone surveying equipment! Talk to one of our Sales Representatives today!
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How to use drone LiDAR for Land Development

See how Caulfield and Wheeler are using drone LiDAR and LP360 processing software for surveying and land development in these all-new episodes of our drone reality surveying series Down to Earth.
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Improved Mapping and Surveying with UAV Technology From Microdrones

xyHt recently published an article on the progress of drone mapping and surveying featuring Microdrones. Learn how the most rapid development in the UAV industry today is the dramatic improvements in...
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Reduce Your Turnaround Time with Drone LiDAR Surveying

The surveying experts at MP Design Group use drone LiDAR technology from Microdrones to reduce their time in the field and increase their output, resulting in more business and better data for their...
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How to Process mdLiDAR1000UHR data in LP360 Drone

mdInfinity has merged with LP360 drone giving you more drone data processing power and deliverables. To show how you can use LP360 Drone to complete processing, without the need to employ other...
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How to Plan Drone Surveying with Latest Updates to mdCockpit

Get the most out of mdCockpit with the latest update in version 2022.2. mdCockpit makes it easy to plan, monitor, change, and control your flights right from your tablet– and it just got even better...
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Using Drone LiDAR to Expedite Surveying Projects: Watch this 3-Minute Case Study

It's drone LiDAR vs. flotant in this 3-minute drone surveying case study. Watch how Duplantis Design Group (DDG) used drone LiDAR to stay safe from the floating marsh and survey a 1,200 acre site in a...
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We look forward to seeing you at ADIPEC with our distributor, Sigma at Stand 1130 in Hall 1, to learn about our drone surveying equipment, including fully integrated systems from Microdrones, TrueView...
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Where can you find the full range of drone Lidar surveying equipment and software

To keep up with the growing demand for drone surveying equipment and software, NEI is pleased to announce they’ve hired 2 new UAV sales professionals, Michael Broker, Director of Drone, GIS Sales, and...
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What software should I use to process LiDAR Data

See how industry experts turn to LP360 to process, analyze, and maximize their LiDAR survey data. In Geospatial Genius, our featured expert user, Andrew Beckwith, Director of Special Projects & UAS...
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Top Questions and Answers About Drone LiDAR Surveying

With all the options available from Microdrones and GeoCue there are still many questions about getting started with drones and selecting the right technology for the job. In this article, we’ve...
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Comparing Drone LiDAR Data to the mdLiDAR1000HR

If you’re considering using drone LiDAR technology, then we have a very special webinar that compares the data from 2 different LiDAR sensors: the DJI L1 and the mdLiDAR1000HR. Register and watch now,...
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Microdrones and GeoCue showcased new LiDAR Sensors at the Commercial UAV Expo 2022

GeoCue and Microdrones provide a full range of drone surveying products and software to provide customers with the most comprehensive set of solutions for drone LiDAR and mapping on the market. See...
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Which Drones are Compliant with FAA Remote ID Rules?

In accordance with the FAA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Microdrones has updated the md4-1000 and md4-3000 platforms and received an...
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Monitoring Vineyard Water Status Using Drone Mapping Equipment

In this study, drone surveying equipment from Microdrones was used for plant water status determination and, as a consequence, for irrigation management.  The research used a Microdrones UAV to...
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Find the Complete Solution for LiDAR and Mapping Hardware and Software

In this interview with Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, learn how Microdrones and GeoCue fully serve the aerial LiDAR surveying market by meeting the needs of professional surveyors for all of their...
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Using Drone LiDAR to Create a Boundary Survey: Watch this 3-Minute Case Study

It's drone LiDAR vs. the Colorado River in this 3-minute drone surveying case study. Watch this video for details on how Carlson, Brigance and Doering, Inc. (CBD) used drone LiDAR to create updated,...
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How to Market Drone Surveying Equipment

Take a look into the targets, objectives, people, and programs behind the marketing at Microdrones. At this year’s Distributor Meeting, the marketing team presented an overview of the programs,...
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Drone Surveying and Mapping Session at COMMERCIAL UAV EXPO

Learn how drone technology is being used to collect data, save time, and improve the quality of surveying and mapping- at a special Commercial UAV Expo session on Drone Surveying and Mapping,...
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Find Drone Surveying Equipment at this Year’s Commercial UAV Expo

Look for Microdrones and our sister company, GeoCue, at booth 1008 at the Commercial UAV Expo, September 6-8, at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas. Stop by and our team will be happy to share all of the...