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Creating an Orthophoto Map and 3D Model Using a md4-1000

3Dsurvey is a team of experienced land surveyors and devoted computer vision specialists. Combining an md4-1000 equipped with a laser scanner and their geodesy software tool "3Dsurvey" they created a precise orthophoto map and 3D model of a bridge in need of renovation in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The bridge crosses the Gruber canal at the angle of 90 degrees, its load-bearing construction being a reinforced concrete arch. The bridge is worn out to the extent that it demands thorough renovation; 3Dsurvey intend to facilitate the project planning by using aerial photographs, a calculated point cloud and an orthophoto map. This technology enables data collection even at hard-to-access sites. Apart from the photogrammetric measurements, they also carried out – in cooperation with a geodesic company – the calculations for a 3D geodetic plan.