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UNOSAT Working With Microdrones

UNOSAT is a technology-intensive programme for creating aerial and satellite images in crisis regions across the globe. With the help of the programme, the situation of victims of natural disasters and wars can be better analysed with a view to providing care and security.

UNOSAT works with the md4-200 Microdrones vehicle, deploying it intensively in particular in the area of disaster prevention and relief, emergency measures, environmental testing and for creating baseline data for a digital evaluation model. There are of course many other areas of application.

Other UN organizations and partners will benefit from the new opportunities which the Microdrones present, as UNOSAT can now use its UAVs safely and constructively worldwide with trained personnel.

In particular through the application of Microdrones vehicles UNOSAT is now in the advantageous situation of being able to instantly assign the creation and processing of aerial images directly to the UNOSAT operating site.

Detailed Mosaic data sets with up to 5 cm resolution can be created in this way. The average flight range is approx. 1 km² with a flying time of ca. 30 minutes. You will find the entire article on the UNOSAT website (see link below).