Drones for Surveying

Download A Highway Drone Surveying Case Study

TS Engineering Performs Highway Aerial Mapping with TrueView 535 and LP360 Processing Software

Now you can get access to the details of a recently completed project that involved a comprehensive corridor LiDAR flight equipped with the TrueView 535 3D Imaging System. Click the image below to download a copy of the Free Case Study:

TS Engineering surveyed a 9-kilometer corridor section of the A8 highway in southern Germany, stretching between the Ulm/Elchingen highway interchange and the Ulm-West exit.

The objective of the survey was to create a Digital Terrain Model of the area to assist in the planning of a 6-lane expansion of the highway.

Download our Drone Survey Case Study to explore the detailed insights and findings of this German highway drone surveying mission utilizing the TrueView 535 3D Imaging Sensor from our sister company, GeoCue.

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