Drones for Surveying

Coming to Düsseldorf, Germany: Drone LiDAR Workshop

Learn from a panel of Experts the best practices for using Drone Surveying Equipment

The Drone Lidar Tour is making its next stop in Düsseldorf, Germany. GeoCue and Microdrones invite you to learn more about drone mapping, software, and the rules for drone flights in Europe. Join us for a DRONE MAPPING WORKSHOP at the Hotel Schnellenburg, Rotterdamer Str. 120, 40474 Düsseldorf-Stockum.  Click the image below to register:

Click the image above to register

Drone mapping technology enables users to obtain, process, and evaluate data with greater precision, simplicity, and speed. To learn more, we've brought together an expert panel featuring professionals from RIB, TS Engineering, Microdrones, and GeoCue. Gain insights into best practices and workflows as they share their knowledge, experiences, and impressive results. Discover how integrating drone surveying into their toolbox has empowered them to achieve a strong return on investment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and get started implementing drone surveying technology.

By attending this drone mapping workshop, you will acquire knowledge on how Drone LiDAR facilitates the production of highly accurate, 3D colorized point clouds and inspection imagery. Our team of professionals will demonstrate the equipment and software to show you how to effectively carry out your mapping projects. We are excited to collaborate with you and answer all your drone surveying questions.

In this presentation we’ll cover:

  • GeoCue LiDAR sensors
  • Use of Guest sensors with GeoCue LiDAR and LP360 in customer project
  • UAS operation in the special operation category
  • Use of drone data in iTWOcivil by RIB
  • Introduce the PNR21 GNSS receiver with intuitive software for easy surveying and surveying in construction and engineering projects

Workshop Details:

Date: February 22, 2024

Time: 9a - 3p

Location: Hotel Schnellenburg, Rotterdamer Str. 120, 40474 Düsseldorf-Stockum

Registriation link:lp.geocue.com/february-2024-drone-lidar-tour-dusseldorf/


Seating for the Drone LiDAR Tour is limited, so please register before Thursday, February 15, 2025. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of our Drone LiDAR Tour and see how aerial mapping technology can improve your efficiency and streamline your surveying workflow.

If you’re unable to attend this stop on the Drone LiDAR Tour, you can always schedule an appointment to meet with Samuel Flick, our sales representative for Central Europe.