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Outlook 2019 - From The Publishers of xyHt

Learn how Microdrones is expanding its lineup of fully integrated systems to be the global leader in providing professionals with the hardware, software, workflow, training and support to produce good...

Microdrones Showcases End to End Workflow with 3 Videos Featuring Spatial Data Consultants

One of the benefits of working with Microdrones is that they have streamlined the entire process of operating their integrated systems by creating an easy end-to-end workflow: plan, fly, process and...
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Microdrones Merges with Schübeler Technologies

As part of ongoing global expansion, Microdrones is proud to announce a merger with Schübeler Technologies.

NEW PODCAST: Samuel Flick on Flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Samuel Flick, European Sales Manager at Microdrones, shares his insights on flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).
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An Interview with Eva: As Seen in Business Geomatics

Business Geomatics spoke with Eva Spexard of Microdrones, a global market leader in professional UAV solutions, about current job openings, Microdrones careers, job expectations and benefits.
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As Seen in Tech Republic

4 Ways to Help Users Acclimate to Big Data Through Training
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Drone Adoption in Surveying

As Seen in the POB geodatapoint blog
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Microdrones Launches 3 New Systems During Fall 2018 Trade Show Season

The Microdrones team has been very busy, on tour showing off three new systems launched in October: mdLiDAR3000, mdMapper1000PPK and mdMapper1000+.

Four Hours to Record the Solar Field of a 50-megawatt power plant – Amazing Work Being Done By DLR Institute of Solar Research!

The Microdrones Team is proud to see their drones as part of the overall DLR integration to more safely and efficiently inspect solar panels.
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High-End UAV meets High-End LiDAR – As Seen in Business Geomatics

With the mdLiDAR3000, Microdrones introduces a new, integrated surveying solution based on a high-performance 3D scanner – as Seen in Business Geomatics.
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Microdrones Goes Big with Release of mdLiDAR3000, as well as Two New mdMapper Systems

Announced at the 2018 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the launch of the new mdLiDAR3000.
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As seen in "The Drive" – LTE-Connected Drones Aerially Mapped 7.5 Miles of Germany's Autobahn

Read and see videos on how an integrated drone system was used to map a 7.5 mile stretch of German Autobahn.
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Five Ways Microdrones Systems are Being Used in The Field

As Seen in International Construction, September 2018 Issue
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As Seen in Inside Unmanned Systems August/September 2018 Issue