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Airshield Final Test "Performance & Heat Resistance"

An impressive video providing a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at "Project AirShield". The "ShieldBearer" sb4-1200 system, optimisied specially for use with the fire service, performs at peak temperatures of up to 450 degrees, delivering valuable gas concentration and temperature data live to the ground.

This meant that maximum ambient temperature values previously tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing were proven under real-life conditions. The Project Airshield test took place under almost real operating conditions.

At the Rotterdam International Safety Center (RISC), located along the Rotterdam port, it is possible to create large fires and smoke conditions. A delegation from the AirShield team (technical university of Dortmund, Microdrones, University of, Institute for Fire and Rescue  Technology, University Paderborn and GIS Consult) were all on site at the RISC and observed a large part of the test.

Project AirShield was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the high-tech strategy for its "Research for civil security" programme.