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Microdrones Receives International Customer Service Certification

Microdrones was honored to accept the prestigious TÜV certification that recognizes our services and products that meet and achieve customer expectations worldwide. For our customers, this proves our organizational efficiency and product quality have met demanding criteria. 

Within the past year, customers were asked to complete a survey representing our regional sales and support activity. Customers were asked a range of questions from how often our sales team members worked with their clients to how effective in-person demos were.

Mirjam Braas, Marketing Manager for Microdrones in Europe said, “Microdrones has regained this certification from years prior and is thrilled to be looked highly upon by its customers, meeting high standards for our processes, quality management and customer management.”

The International Standard ISO 9001 defines the requirements for a certifiable quality management system as:

  • Organization has established management system, including risk identification, self-assessment and continuous improvement on its performance.
  • Organization analyzes and considers the quality requirements of its customers and the requirements of the applicable standard.
  • Organization defines the required characteristics of the products and services offered and the underlying processes, and ensures regular surveillance to meet the quality of customers, authorities and regulatory bodies.

The certification is conducted every two years from the Technical Control Society. At Microdrones Siegen, Germany location, Quality Manager Niklas Hahn works diligently to ensure our workflow in every department is achieving the standard year-round.

Braas adds, “It’s a certificate of excellence everyone recognizes and it’s what our B2B customers are looking for. This level of quality is no small achievement.” Here are just some of the requirements to complete certification:

  • Every department must be carefully structured with step by step workflows well documented.
  • Tracking tools such as KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are implemented and benchmarked. 
  • The sales team must keep a detailed record of their customer communication. 
  • All department heads meet with Hahn and TUV to review strategic plans and reports confirming that Microdrones is a safe work environment and has successfully adhered to strict guidelines to achieve the certification. 
  • Microdrones passed on the spot and will hold the recognition through 2019, when it is next due to undergo the review process.

For more information on Microdrones and what we have to offer for your mapping needs contact one of our salespeople today.