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Thinking about using Drones for surveying and Mapping? Microdrones is hosting an Ask Me Anything Session in our upcoming Webinar

#mdAskMeAnything: Do you have questions about making drones a part of your work? Now’s the time to ask as Microdrones is set to host an Ask Me Anything webinar. What do you want to know about...
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Should I Invest in Drone Lidar- Spanish version

Are you or your company considering drone based LiDAR? Join Microdrones in this webinar replay and find out how Drone LiDAR technology from Microdrones has been used to scan EDF's hydraulic...
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Should I Invest in Drone Lidar- French version

Are you or your company considering drone based LiDAR? Join Microdrones in this webinar replay and find out how Drone LiDAR technology from Microdrones has been used to scan EDF's hydraulic...
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Big Creek UAV Lidar Dataset

LiDAR Dataset from Big Creek as seen in Down to Earth
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Wednesday Webinar Replay: Down to Earth

In this Wednesday Webinar Replay, learn how Crafton Tull navigated the challenging terrain of the Ozark Mountains with the Microdrones mdLIDAR1000, over an elevation change of more than 500 feet.
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UAS LidAR For Precision Mapping Webinar Replay

Microdrones is pleased to present a special webinar replay that dives into the science behind LiDAR and Precision Mapping led by Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, Director mdSolutions, Microdrones.
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Using the Right Drone for the Job Webinar Replay

In this webinar replay we examine how Crafton Tull successfully implemented UAV based Lidar, condensing their time on site in half and saving over 50% in the process. Please note this webinar is...
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Data processing in LiDAR drone surveying

In this Webinar replay, learn about the entire Microdrones workflow of Plan, Fly, Process & Visualize and how Microdrones Integrated Systems help you to collect data efficiently and safely while...
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The Importance of a Rugged And Reliable Platform For UAV Surveys Webinar Replay

For more than a decade, Microdrones has led the commercial drone industry in producing quadcopters with extra-long flight times, incredible accuracy, and resilience in harsh weather. In this webinar...
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Drone Based Lidar allows Spatial Data Consultants to gather more details for their Clients

The team at Spatial Data Consultants is flying the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 to gather even more details for their clients.
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ESP Associates use Drone Based Lidar from Microdrones for Land Development

ESP Associates, an engineering design and consulting firm, is deploying the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 to capture more detailed, accurate images for their clients.
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Brent Scarbrough & Co. fly their UAV inside controlled Airspace to create topographic maps

With proper planning and coordination, construction company Brent Scarbrough & Co. was able to fly Microdrones mdMapper1000DG solution in controlled airspace over one of the most active airports in...
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How to Process & Visualize Data with Drone Based Lidar Webinar Replay

In this informative webinar replay, you’ll learn how you can collect data efficiently and safely while cutting costs, saving time, and creating powerful data deliverables like 3D point clouds.
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Ravan Air utilizes UAV for Aerial Methane Inspection

Ravan Air demonstrates how the Microdrones mdTector1000CH4 detects gas leaks and provide easy access to remote and hazardous locations while keeping employees out of harm’s way.
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Innovative UAV Solutions For the Mining Industry Webinar

Join Microdrones as we review a Mining Case Study with RioTinto where they use Microdrones Integrated systems so they can continue their mining working uninterrupted, while the UAV solution gathers...
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See how Microdrones UAV systems inspect 1000's of kilometers of pipeline in Southern China.

Chinese energy company Sinopec manages over 6,000 km of oil pipeline and relies on Microdrones Systems for daily inspections.  To date, Microdrones systems have flown over 40,000 km of pipeline,...
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Plan, Fly, Process and & Visualize in Microdrones workflow videos, featuring Crafton Tull

On a visit to Crafton Tull, in Conway Arkansas, Microdrones created their latest videos demonstrating the Microdrones workflow of Plan, Fly, Process an Visualize. Click here to watch the videos.
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How to Increase Productivity with Drone Based LiDAR. Wednesday Webinar Replay

If you missed the live webinar, you can still access the replay and learn more about the benefits of drone-based LiDAR and how to increase your productivity.
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Wednesday Webinar Replay. Streamline Your Methane Gas Detection using a Drone.

Ravan Air takes the risk and guesswork out of methane detection while saving time and money using one of the best UAV gas detection systems on the market the mdTector1000 CH4
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Webinar Replay: Using the Right Drone for the Job.

Are you or your company interested in learning how you can become more efficient by adding drones into your workflow? Recently, Microdrones hosted their second Wednesday Webinar to share how Crafton...