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Many of today’s users simply need basic GCP intensive aerial surveying, but want to keep the option to upgrade open. The Microdrones mdMapper1000+ builds on the classic mdMapper1000, but it’s PPK Ready or DG Ready when you are.


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This system provides all of the capability of the mdMapper1000 system that you know and trust, but via an easy, affordable firmware update, you’ll enjoy a full PPK or DG system without any physical or hardware upgrades!

Why Choose mdMapper1000+?

This package is all about resilience, convenience, and all-around performance. The md4-1000 UAV can stand up to intense environmental challenges, from strong winds and magnetic fields to high temperatures and voltage. It also boasts the longest flight times on the market. Plus, it’s upgradeable to more advanced geomatics technology like PPK and DG, when you are!

Improve your efficiency by staying in the air longer. 

mdMapper1000+ delivers an average flight time of 30 – 45 Minuten, depending upon conditions.

Fly in harsh weather conditions and stay on schedule

Strong winds, rain, and snow won’t stop the md4-1000.

Achieve more accuracy in less time. 

Compatible with accessory kits for precision agriculture, inspection, Lidar, and Direct Georeferencing.

What Can You Do with it?

mdMapper1000+ is a versatile package that can be used for a wide range of applications. 
Some of the most common uses are:

Vermessungswesen/ Kartografie
Vermessungswesen/ Kartografie



Robust, stark, stabil und verlässlich. Bauen Sie Ihr Unternehmen auf dieser vielseitigen Plattform auf.

Sony RX1R II & Mount

42,4 Megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount to capture the images you need.

Applanix APX-15-L UAV

Compact single-board module with survey-grade GNSS receiver. IMU is present, ready for PPK or DG when you are ready to ugrade.

Ladegerät & Flugbatterie

Intelligente Batterien und intelligentes Aufladen für maximale Flugdauer.


Dieses nutzerfreundliche Flugplanungs-Tool hilft Ihnen bei der Planung und Ausführung von automatisierten Flügen mit Ihrem Microdrones UAV.


Der mdLA Lande-Assistent reduziert dramatisch die Risiken die während des Landevorgangs auftreten können.

Digital Data Link

Verbinden Sie Ihre Microdrones UAV auf einfache Weise mit Ihren digitalen Geräten.


Bewährte, professionelle Steuerung und Telemetrie sorgen dafür, dass Sie die Kontrolle beibehalten, wenn Sie diese am meisten brauchen.


Die GNSS-gestützte inertiale Post-Processing-Software verwandelt Ihre Daten in nützliche Informationen.


Werden Sie zum Experten für Flüge und Wartung Ihrer Plattform, damit Sie diese noch viele Jahre erfolgreich einsetzen können.

PPK Ready

When you are ready to expand, this system will expand with you. mdMapper1000+ is easily upgradeable via firmware to PPK.

DG Ready

When you are ready to expand, this system will expand with you. mdMapper1000+ is easily upgradeable via firmware to direct georeferencing.

mdMapper1000+ Technical Specs

mdMapper1000+ gives professionals all the power of aerial surveying with GCPs, just like our classic mdMapper1000. 
But it’s ready to upgrade to PPK or DG with a simple, affordable firmware update.

  • Payload: up to 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms) 
  • Flight time: up to 45 Minuten depending on conditions
Flight Parameters     Area Covered (@120m) (1)80 ha (198 ac)
Camera model (2)Sony RX1R II
Imagery formatRAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m)2.4 cm
Overlaps (front/side)80% / 40%
Post-Processing   MethodAerial Triangulation
OrientationCalculated during the A.T.
PositionFrom UAV GNSS Reciever
AccuracyDepends on ground control point (GCP) accuracy and distrubution
Advantages  Large area mapping

(1) Typical project benchmark comparisons based on missions completed in Canada in 2016.
(2) The current camera models are listed. These may be replaced by equivalent or better cameras depending on availability from the manufacturer.