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How To Make Your Geospatial Work Easier with LP360 Cloud

Stream Your Geospatial Workflows with Seamless Collaboration and Real-Time Data Access

LP360, renowned for its robust desktop version, has taken a giant leap forward with LP360 Cloud—a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools designed to simplify the management, archiving, sharing, and collaboration of geospatial projects.

LP360 Cloud seamlessly integrates with the latest LP360 desktop version, merging the strengths of both platforms. This synergy enables users to harness the benefits of desktop processing while tapping into the expansive capabilities of the cloud. The video below highlights just a few features now available.  See for yourself, then be sure to talk to one of our experts to help you get started with LP360 Cloud:

Bridging Desktop with Cloud

LP360 Cloud makes your geospatial work easier with an ever-growing collection of cloud-based tools and resources for you to manage, archive, share and collaborate on geospatial projects.

Streaming Innovation: Redefining Data Access and Sharing

Now you can stream and share data effortlessly with LP360 Cloud. That makes working on large data projects with team members faster and easier since you can stream and share only the data you need in real time, eliminating the need to download entire files. This innovative feature empowers users to collaborate, inspect datasets, and selectively share specific sections effortlessly.

Enhance your Data Processing Workflow

LP360 Cloud streamlines your geospatial workflow. Easily create profiles, view 3D point clouds, and seamlessly transition from one dataset layer to the next- all hosted through the convenience of your LP360 Cloud account.

The cloud-based platform also facilitates dataset comparisons through its cloud-hosted layers, simplifying complex analysis and decision-making processes. Open multiple layers without having to download large files to your computer, all while maintaining access to all the processing features in LP360.

This is a faster, more efficient way to collaborate remotely on projects.  Now with LP360 Cloud you can use the convenience of your desktop to leverage all the data available on the cloud.

To access LP360 Cloud, you need to be a registered user with an account.  Contact our sales team to select the plan that works best for you and your organization.