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LiDAR, Drones, and Connecting at the 2023 Commercial UAV Expo

Microdrones and GeoCue: Elevating Innovation in Las Vegas

The 2023 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas was an event to remember for both Microdrones and GeoCue. We had an incredible time connecting with both new and familiar faces, showcasing our latest innovations, and participating in insightful discussions. This year's expo showcased incredible advancements in the field of UAV technology, and we were proud to be at the forefront.

Introducing Innovative Solutions

At the 2023 Commercial UAV Expo, we were excited to unveil several new LiDAR products and updates for LP360 software.  One of our most exciting announcements was the release of our new dual-purpose mobile mapping and drone LiDAR systems, the TrueView 680/680LR. To learn more about this innovative product, watch the video below featuring Madelyne McNab, our business development director.

Dual-Purpose Mobile Mapping and Drone LiDAR System

The TrueView 680/680LR dual-purpose LiDAR system, is aptly termed a "hybrid system" because it seamlessly transitions between UAV and car-mounted configurations. This new product was unveiled at the Commercial UAV Expo, following extensive development and customer demand for a versatile mobile mapping solution.

One of the standout features of this LiDAR system is its 360-degree field of view, a crucial capability for comprehensive data acquisition. Unlike previous systems with a 120-degree field of view when mounted on drones, the TrueView 680/680LR ensures a full 360-degree perspective, whether in the air or on the ground. This 360-degree view is a standard feature across our 600 series, making them ideal choices for those seeking a dual-purpose mobile mapping solution.

The TrueView 680/680LR boasts a wide range of applications, where users can employ this system for both airborne and ground-level scans, offering a multi-perspective approach to data collection. It excels in filling data gaps left by UAV scans, making it invaluable for data completeness in various industries.

NDAA-Compliant Systems

Our commitment to NDAA compliance and security was exemplified by the introduction of the all-new EasyOneLiDAR NDAA-compliant system. This solution ensures that users can confidently utilize LiDAR technology while adhering to NDAA regulations. Today, Microdrones is the first to offer a fully integrated NDAA-compliant drone surveying system on the market.

In addition, on the GeoCue side, all 600-series payloads, are NDAA-compliant and can be upgraded to accommodate dual-purpose drone and mobile mapping. It's important for our customers to know we have many options available to provide reliable and secure geospatial solutions.

LP360 New Features

GeoCue's LP360 software continues to evolve, and we were delighted to showcase its latest features including LPLAS files and the PowerSearch feature in LP360 Cloud. LP360 is a powerful tool for processing and analyzing LiDAR data, and the enhancements introduced at the expo further streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and expand the range of applications for our users.

Presentation on "Making Sense of Sensors, LiDAR, Software, and Drones for Surveying"

In addition to our product showcases, we had the privilege of presenting our workshop "Making Sense of Sensors, LiDAR, Software, and Drones for Surveying." This informative session demonstrated how to use TrueView and Microdrones survey equipment to collect data and generate highly accurate true 3D colorized point clouds and inspection imagery. We had an enthusiastic response from the audience and engaging discussions following the session.

Drone LiDAR CSI Night Demonstration

We also partnered with our distributor Kuker-Ranken and Sundance Media for an exciting, live, drone LiDAR CSI demonstration at night with the EasyOne. The team from KR and Sundance staged a crime scene, complete with a model victim, to showcase drone technology in use for law enforcement. The data collected culminated in a comprehensive, accurate 3D point cloud that aids in evidence collection.

Meeting with Valued Customers

Always the best part of attending trade shows is the opportunity to meet with our valued customers, both old and new. It's our pleasure to engage in face-to-face conversations, listen to feedback, and learn how our solutions have been making a difference. These interactions allow us to continuously improve our products and services to better meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Wrapping Up an Exceptional Expo

The 2023 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas was truly a remarkable event. Microdrones and GeoCue had a fantastic time connecting with our customers, introducing innovative solutions, and sharing our expertise with the industry. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth, attended our presentation, and contributed to the success of this expo.

If we missed you at the show or you were unable to attend, please reach out, connect, and let us know how we can help with your LiDAR and software needs. Just schedule a time to meet with one of our informative representatives today.