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Watch the Webinar Replay on Data Processing and New Features in LP360

Learn about new features and updates in this informative webinar replay

If you missed our sister company's webinar on Data Processing and New Features in LP360, you can now watch the replay to get caught up. In this webinar replay, we review our LP360 UAV LiDAR and photogrammetry data processing software, with an extensive overview of LP360, applications, a software demonstration, LP360 cloud, and a look at the new Graphical User Interface that will be available soon.

Here’s what gets covered in this webinar:

  • Get a detailed overview of LP360 and learn what to look for in processing software.
  • Review the processing workflow, applications and deliverables.
  • Explore new features such as LP360 Cloud, 3D Accuracy Add-Ons, LPLAS files, and PowerSearch.
  • Take a sneak peek at the new Graphical User Interface for LP360 which will streamline your processing experience with a new Intuitive, User-Friendly, and Customizable Workflow.

If you have any additional questions about processing data with LP360, please schedule a meeting to meet with one of our professional representatives.