Drones for Surveying

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Get started with the Cloud Today

LP360 Cloud is an ever-growing collection of cloud-based tools and resources that will make it easy for you to manage, archive, share and collaborate on geospatial projects. As is true with all LP360 software, we are always building it around you; see below for the latest that LP360 Cloud has to offer:

  • Store and manage data
  • Stream and share point clouds.
  • Discover PowerSearch to localize all available datasets within a geographical area

Get the most out of your Geospatial data with LP360

The latest updates in LP360 Cloud can take your data to the next level. LP360 is the professional choice in geospatial data processing software, made in the U.S.A., since 2006. Whether it’s airborne or terrestrial collected LiDAR data, 3D point clouds have become a critical element in mapping. LP360 makes easy work of extracting information and generating deliverables in an intuitive GIS environment:

  • Create powerful point cloud visualizations
  • QA/QC, manage and transform terabytes of geospatial data
  • Create your own custom ribbon and toolbar to match your specific workflow
  • Easily upload, store, stream and share datasets with LP360 Cloud
  • Take advantage of new visualization tools available and intelligently manage the level of detail displayed in your project with LPLAS file format

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Maximize Your UAV Data with LP360 Drone

Are you using Drone LiDAR like EasyOne to capture 3D data for aerial surveying? Then take that data to the next level with LP360 Drone LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software. With LP360 Drone you can process, analyze, and maximize your drone survey data, creating enhanced and highly accurate deliverables.

Enhance the Accuracy and Efficiency for your Drone Surveying

The fully integrated workflow of LP360 Drone lets you Fly, Optimize and Deliver fully processed data into actionable results:

  • Manage your coordinate system (geoid, grid to ground, local site, datum and epoch change)
  • Leverage LP360’s powerful 3 synchronized viewing windows and Image Explorer tool
  • QC/QA your data with Automatic Ground Control Detection and 3D Correction
  • Access all the other advanced tools such as Smoothing, Automated Outlier Removal, Automatic Classification, Break lines, DTM and Contour Generations, export to CAD formats, volumetric calculations, powerlines encroachment tools and much more
  • Customize / define your own workflow with the new GUI
  • Go further with unique LP360 Cloud Extension (optional add-on) to store, search, share and stream your data with any LP360 Desktop

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Discover the power of LP360 Cloud, transforming geospatial processing workflows. Stream data in real-time, collaborate seamlessly, and access powerful tools, all within a cloud-based ecosystem integrated with LP360 desktop.

To access LP360 Cloud, you need to be a registered user with an account.  Register for our special offer today, to get 3 months of free access to LP360 Cloud and Starter plan.  If you have any questions, please schedule a time to speak with one of our helpful representatives today.