Visit Microdrones and GeoCue at InterGeo 2023 in Berlin

New LiDAR Products, LP360 Software Updates, and 3D Point Cloud Demonstrations will be on full display


For much of the past year, GeoCue has been growing its European footprint with the addition of several new distributors. Now, we’re looking forward to attending the premier European geospatial event, Intergeo 2023, in the German Capital of Berlin. Mark your calendars for October 10-12 and join GeoCue and Microdrones to learn about our exciting lineup of new LiDAR mapping products, LP360 software updates, and opportunities to network and grow your business. We’ll be located in Hall: 1.2, Booth: C1.038.

Here are the top three reasons you don't want to miss GeoCue and Microdrones at InterGeo 2023:

1. New Dual Purpose Drone LiDAR and Mobile Mapping Products: GeoCue and Microdrones have always been at the forefront of geospatial innovation, and this year is no exception. At InterGeo 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to see our latest dual-purpose mobile mapping and drone LiDAR systems. For some projects, you need drone LiDAR. For others, you need mobile mapping LiDAR. And for others, you need multiple perspectives from both. Buy one sensor to work on a multitude of projects. Whether you're a surveyor, engineer, or GIS professional, GeoCue's new dual-purpose sensors are sure to streamline your workflow and empower you with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

2. EasyOne Drone LiDAR System from Microdrones: Microdrones will showcase the all-new EasyOne Drone LiDAR system, the most compact, survey-grade, fully integrated drone LiDAR system on the market. Built upon our 4th-gen drone technology, all EasyOne systems are more compact, more optimized, lighter, safer, and more efficient. This system delivers integration unmatched in the drone surveying industry, making it easier than ever for you to plan, fly, collect, process, and visualize your geospatial data projects.

3. New Features and LP360/Cloud Add-ons: LP360 has been the professional choice in LiDAR & photogrammetry 3D point cloud software since 2006. At InterGeo 2023, GeoCue will be showcasing its latest features and LP360/Cloud add-ons. These enhancements are designed to streamline your geospatial workflows, enhance data visualization, and provide you with more control and flexibility in managing your geospatial data. Learn about our new graphical user interface, LPLAS files, LP360 Cloud, and other improvements


BONUS REASON: In addition to these top 3 reasons, we’ll even help you with admission to INTERGEO 2023 with a FREE TICKET! Get your complimentary ticket from GeoCue and Microdrones HERE.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience firsthand the latest advancements in geospatial technology and to network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for mapping, surveying, and spatial analysis.

Make sure to visit GeoCue and Microdrones at InterGeo 2023 in Berlin! With new LiDAR products, collaborations, and LP360 software on display, this is an event that you can't miss. See you in Berlin!

If you can’t make it to Intergeo 2023, you can still schedule a time to talk to one of our friendly sales representatives, to get the information you’re looking for.