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A Rental Model for Surveying Drones

The concept of renting rather than buying is currently gaining traction with technology providers, but Siegen-based Microdrones now offers more than just the option to lease. With the new mdaaS –...
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Microdrones Enters the Third Dimension with New Mapping and Drone LiDAR Surveying Equipment

Microdrones announce the release of four new survey equipment systems from Microdrones. These systems will help our customers acquire 3D and Oblique imagery data, which has been in high demand.
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Play in a Drone Surveying Game Show

You’re the next contestant on the ultimate surveying game show, SURVEYOR SAYS, hosted by Microdrones. This game show will premiere online Tuesday, June 30th at 11am ET, and viewers can register to...
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Drone Lidar or Drone Photogrammetry

Microdrones experts explain the differences, advantages and applications for drone Lidar and drone Photogrammetry.
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Creating Original Drone Surveying Content

Join Microdrones B2B partner Marketscale, this Thursday at 2pm ET / 1pm CT as Bret Burghdurf, Director of Marketing for Americas and New Markets for Microdrones, joins Tim Maitland, Executive Vice...
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Traditional Drone Surveying RC becomes a safety backup with Tap and Fly from Microdrones.

Microdrones announces the launch of Tap & Fly, the latest new software feature for the mdCockpit application. With Tap & Fly, your traditional remote controller becomes a safety backup; now you can...
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Next Generation of Drone Surveying System Features Now Available from Microdrones

Microdrones announces next generation of system features that demonstrate a constant commitment to customers. These updates upgrade existing systems to the latest standards so they can perform all the...
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New Videos Featuring Drone Surveying Data Processing Modules from Microdrones

mdInfinity is a powerful ecosystem from Microdrones that will enable you to quickly and efficiently process geospatial data within their exclusive data processing modules including Trajectory...
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Ideal Blasting Supply Blasts Off with Microdrones to Become a Distributor

Ideal Blasting Supply, a prime source and market leader in the blasting supply industry for over 40 years, recently joined the network of distributors for Microdrones surveying equipment.
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Affordable Drone Surveying Webinar Replay- mdaaS

If you missed our educational webinar on our new sales program, Microdrones is offering a replay of the webinar, “mdaaS: An easy way to Make Drone LiDAR and Drone Surveying a Part of Your Business,”...
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Affordable Drone Surveying and Data Processing: meet mdaaS

Microdrones as a Service: New rent-or-own program expands availability, offers flexibility, matches budgets that develop growth partnerships. In this article, learn about the new sales model from...
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Drone Surveying for Everyone. Introducing Microdrones as a Service

Microdrones announces the launch of mdaaS- Microdrones as a Service, making its survey equipment and solutions accessible to an even broader market of surveyors and geomatics professionals.
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Drone Surveyors Continue Essential Work. We Salute You.

The team at Microdrones salutes our customers working in the field! Please take a moment to watch this brief video expressing our thanks to providing their essential services.
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Using Surveying Drones to assist in Building Renovations

Business Geomatics highlighted how Wierig Profiltechnik is using integrated drone solutions from Microdrones that combine photogrammetry and thermal imaging to assist in the renovation of assembly...
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Surveying Drones Keep Projects at Olsson Moving Through the Pandemic

Olsson, a nationally recognized, employee-owned engineering and design firm, utilizes drone technology in their surveying projects. Microdrones would like to share their recent article on how they are...
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Drone LiDAR Data Set Comparisons

The team at Microdrones would like to present and compare data collected by the mdLiDAR3000DL & mdLiDAR1000. Learn about the workflow used to create the data and then take a look and interact with the...
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Norgeodesi joins Microdrones Distributor Network in Norway

Norgeodesi, the official distributor of Trimble geodesy equipment in Norway has announced they are now offering Microdrones integrated systems as part of their sales products. The company prides...
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Drone Surveying Questions and Answers. mdAskMeAnything Webinar Replay

Do you have questions about making drones a part of your work? Watch the Ask Me Anything webinar replay for the answers.
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Welcome to Webinar April- Expanded Drone Surveying Webinars

Microdrones is making extensive content available online to help support customers with educational material and informative webinars. These webinars will also be made available in multiple languages...
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The Microdrones World Tour Home Office Edition

Usually at this time of year, the team from Microdrones would be busy attending trade shows, conferences, mdGeoMeets and other demonstrations throughout the world. Due to current circumstances and...