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Microdrones February World Tour Updates

The month of February has been a whirlwind of activity for the Microdrones sales team as they continue to make new contacts, meet with current customers and distributors, share success stories, new...
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Big Creek UAV Lidar Dataset

LiDAR Dataset from Big Creek as seen in Down to Earth
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Wednesday Webinar Replay: Down to Earth

In this Wednesday Webinar Replay, learn how Crafton Tull navigated the challenging terrain of the Ozark Mountains with the Microdrones mdLIDAR1000, over an elevation change of more than 500 feet.
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New UAV Reality Surveying Series- Down to Earth

It’s time to step out of the office and into the field. “Down to Earth” is a new reality series revealing the challenges and hazards that surveying crews face while determining points on the...
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2020 Microdrones World Tour is Underway

The Microdrones sales team is taking its show on the road, engaging in direct, in-depth, face-to-face talks with key user communities and prospective clients all around the world. First stop was at...
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New UAV Integrated Systems and Software from Microdrones

Microdrones recently launched the mdMapper3000DuoG VHR, mdMapper3000DuoG and mdMapper3000PPK, and announced plans for new software as well as an updated methane detection sensor.
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UAV Lidar Corridor Flight and sample data from AGE Engineering

AGE Engineering Services Inc. is a Microdrones customer who is using the mdLidar3000DL for corridor flights and mapping power lines. They recently provided a great video of some of their...
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Simplified Data Processing with Drone-based Lidar

Learn how professionals who work in construction, engineering, surveying, or land development are using the awesome power of drone-based lidar to improve workflows, collect better data, and increase...
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The mdMapper1000DG from Microdrones gives Brent Scarbrough & Co. Inc.​​​​​​​ more accurate topographic maps of construction sites so they know exactly how much dirt to move, saving time and money.
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UAS BVLOS Flight over the Autobahn

In June 2018, the mdMapper1000DG from Microdrones successfully mapped 12 kilometers of corridor along highway A33 for German construction company Strabag​​​​​​​ – and flew beyond visual line of sight...
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Microdrones Showcases the mdLiDAR3000 at ChinterGEO 2019

Microdrones introduced the mdLiDAR3000 to the Chinese market at ChinterGEO 2019, answering questions about drone-based LiDAR and showing how Microdrones fully-integrated systems combine unmanned...
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How Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) uses the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 and the mdLiDAR1000 integrated systems to simplify their workflow and increase corridor mapping productivity.
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Drone Based Lidar allows Spatial Data Consultants to gather more details for their Clients

The team at Spatial Data Consultants is flying the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 to gather even more details for their clients.
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ESP Associates use Drone Based Lidar from Microdrones for Land Development

ESP Associates, an engineering design and consulting firm, is deploying the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 to capture more detailed, accurate images for their clients.
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Course Corrections with UAS-Based LIDAR

Learn how Frontier Precision uses fully integrated UAS-based LiDAR system to help contractor meet unusual topographic specifications.
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EIA Canadian leader in using Microdrones for safety

A different kind of aircraft landed at Edmonton International Airport this past weekend as a highly specialized drone was used to conduct runway safety inspections as the airport continues to be a...
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Excitement and optimism infused this year’s African Mining Summit (AMS), which took place in Gaborone, Botswana on September 24-25, 2019. During the two-day event, Microdrones UAV experts met with...
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Microdrones Showcases LiDAR at INTERGEO 2019

Microdrones made LiDAR their mission at INTERGEO2019. From September 17-19, our team of expert professionals showcased the mdLiDAR3000 and mdLiDAR1000​​​​​​​ and took the time to answer questions...
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Crafton Tull Overview and UAV Capabilities Videos

At Microdrones, we like to see and showcase when our customers are using our Integrated Systems to collect data and provide solutions for their customers. Such is the case in these 2 videos, where we...
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NEI & Microdrones Promote UAV Integrated Systems Together

Our latest Video focuses on the relationship between Microdrones and their distribution partner, NEI. Working together, they showcase how people, places, programs and products make the difference when...