A picture says a thousand words: with photography we are increasingly reaching limits in terms of perspective. Now the perspective from which the picture is taken is as important as the subject itself. 


Unlike planes and helicopters, where the costs quickly mount, Microdrones allow you to capture breathtaking aerial shots quickly and inexpensively.

Thanks to the GPS-Position-Hold technology, blur-free images can be achieved even in strong winds. With data transfer to the mdBaseStation taking place in real time, the camera can be set optimally for the subject, to achieve the best result possible.

Click on the pictures to see some impressive 360° aerial imagery taken by Microdrones in Ireland.

To ensure the best possible picture quality, we use only single-lens reflex cameras from established manufacturers. Other cameras may of course be used. Please contact us regarding alternative equipment, as certain specifications (e.g. weight, size) need to be adhered to.

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