Why Should I Become A Microdrones Distributor

People, Places, Programs and Products

Professional People

Microdrones has invested in recruiting the best and brightest sales and technology talent worldwide.

The Sales Management Team

With an established global technology platform, support infrastructure, and offices, our team of more than 22 sales management leaders spans six continents.

These dedicated Microdrones sales professionals are here to do one thing: help you succeed in implementing and growing your integrated drone systems business.

From sales and technical training, to lead generation, service after the sale and everything in between, your Microdrones Sales Manager will be your trusted resource.

Expand the breadth and capability of your team by plugging into ours!

The Training Team

Running a successful drone-based surveying operation is just as much a human investment as it is a technology and equipment investment. You need to ensure that your employees know how to plan a flight, safely fly the aircraft, process data and export it for your preferred visualization software or application. The training team will get you off the ground and keep you in the know with learning opportunities that support your surveying, construction, land development or engineering workflows.

On site or online, the Microdrones Training Team is well equipped to support you and your team. You’ll walk away confident in operating your system, collecting data efficiently, and ready to import said data into your preferred application software.

The Customer Support Team

Do you have a question? A challenge? An urgent issue that demands human ingenuity and experience?

Our Customer Support team will become an extension of yours, helping to ensure that you are successful in the field and the office on every project.

When you need help with service, repair, warranty, or challenges that arise in the field, the Microdrones Customer Support Team will get working on your problem right away. Our support workflows are designed to minimize downtime, so that you are spending more time in the field and at the office with your system, making money.

Pictured: Our Rapidly Expanding Distribution Network Consists Of Microdrones Offices, Distributor Offices And Sales Manager Locations. This Extensive Network Ensures Prompt Problem Resolution And Support.

Positioned For Success

Pictured: Our Rapidly Expanding Distribution Network Consists Of Microdrones Offices, Distributor Offices And Sales Manager Locations. This Extensive Network Ensures Prompt Problem Resolution And Support.

Positioned For Success

Smart Locations To Serve You.

Microdrones has strategically built a global footprint to efficiently distribute products while providing you the support you need in your market. It’s a big world, but when you plug into the Microdrones distribution network, you are connecting with qualified professionals who will help you efficiently build your integrated drone systems business.

Powerful Programs

Marketing is a driving force behind any new technology endeavor. Join the Microdrones network and you are tapping into a global team and powerhouse of marketing potential, that is centered on you and your business.

We Help You Tell Your Story

From use cases to email blasts, blogs to webinars, the Microdrones team is always eager to showcase the good work that you and your customers are doing with integrated drones. When your customers are doing good work in the field, it’s not uncommon that we send a video crew to show this new technology in action. It’s a win for us, our distributors, and the end user. Everyone takes away powerful, compelling materials to use in their own sales and marketing efforts.

A Library Of Content

As a Microdrones distributor, you have access to a global library of videos, imagery, use cases, podcasts and more; we always share our content with distributors so they can easily promote their new integrated drone business, without having to spend their own time or resources developing content.

Globally Local Next-Gen Lead Generation

Our multi-Language website is generating demand and pulling interest in six different languges: English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.

Our team of marketing experts is eager to help you generate demand in your territory via search engine marketing, educational webinar execution and email prospect nurturing. Distributors who work with us are delighted to learn of the methods available, and the turnkey process that helps drive relevant leads for our products into their sales pipelines.

Globally Local Event Support

Are you putting on or participating in a regional event? Count on the Microdrones sales team to join you with tools, training and impactful materials to help you stand out at your local and regional geospatial events.

Literature, Apparel And Merchandise

From beautifully crafted catalogs available in six different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic) to Microdrones apparel, promo items and merchandise our team will work with you to get you everything you need to create engaging face to face sales opportunities.

Convenient Nurturing And Closing Tools

Transform passive customer interest into real sales. From co developing engaging webinars to crafting special offers and easy payment plans, our team of creative sales and marketing professionals will help you close deals.

Fully Integrated Products That Solve Real World Challenges

Most importantly, when you offer your customers Microdrones products, you are offering a fully integrated technology solution that helps them to innovate, to stand out from competitors, to work more safely and efficiently and to collect and use data in a more valuable way.

From unmanned aerial photogrammetry to LiDAR and area concern maps, you will have access to a full lineup of products that meet the needs of survey, construction, engineering and geomatics professionals. Your offering and engagement with these customers will grow, as their business grows.

For Point Cloud Deliverables

For Photogrammetry Deliverables

For Area Concern Map Deliverables

Tools, Not Toys.

Smart distributors understand that a true system sell better engages their customers and creates big sales opportunities. This is a high value system and equipment purchase, not just a drone.

In addition to the initial sale, successful distributors enjoy new recurring revenue streams from software and training sales, as well as cross selling into new and complementary applications from Microdrones. Our systems are expandable and upgradeable.

An Unrelenting Commitment To Constant Improvement

At Microdrones, our products are field tested and field proven. That means that we are constantly soliciting feedback from customers and using it to improve our systems. It’s all part of providing a world class system that ties together hardware, software, workflow, training and support.

PICTURED: Plan, Fly, Process and Visualize your mission with Microdrones complete end-to-end workflow.





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