What our Customers are Saying

We knew that terrain was going to be an issue on this one, so we had to really make sure that our terrain follow was working correctly. The terrain follow quad uses a surface model or terrain model to follow existing terrain. So, we were really able to monitor it and make sure it was doing what it was supposed to be doing. ”
Jeff Davis

Survey Coordinator/UAV Pilot, Crafton Tull

Typically with a project like this, we would deploy one to two crews, and they would go out and shoot GPS break lines on the roads on the tops and a project of this magnitude would probably take somewhere in the neighborhood of two weeks. With the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 we were able to capture the imagery and LiDAR to produce the deliverables in twodays field time. We’re saving that time in the field, saving that time in the office, and getting the same set of deliverables plus imagery and things of that nature that you wouldn’t normally be able to capture.”
Nick Tucker P.S.

Vice President, Energy Services

Brian Flaherty, Manager, ESP Associates
We are going to be one of the only firms around here utilizing LiDAR on a UAV. And it’s going to put us ahead. We’re going to be able to provide a little bit more accurate survey a little bit quicker, and more cost effective.”
Brian Flaherty

Manager, ESP Associates

Chad Bolebruch, Survey Crew Chief, ESP Associates
With the mdLiDAR3000, we can actually topo about 4 acres in about 18 minutes, and can take one survey crew, a 2-man crew, about a full day to do generally. We end up gathering more data with less time and a smaller crew, ultimately saving money.”
Chad Bolebruch

Survey Crew Chief, ESP Associates

Mark Schall, CP, PLS, PPS, SP, Chief Professional Officer, SDC
Where Microdrones really stands above the rest in the industry is, first of all, their development team absolutely knows what they’re doing. Their attention to detail and their support and responsiveness is absolutely their best attributes. We are looking forward to working with Microdrones in the future.”
Mark Schall

CP, PLS, PPS, SP, Chief Professional Officer, SDC

Robert Chrismon, PLS, Director of UAS Services, SDC
A couple of things about the mdLidar3000 that I have grown to appreciate is the integration of the payload into the system. It’s a very easy system to put together and manage in planning missions and using in the field. The attaching of the payload is done through a quick-release mechanism that seems to be pretty unique to the market.”
Robert Chrismon

PLS, Director of UAS Services, SDC

Philipp Mielke, Dipl. Ing., Strabag
Operating a drone beyond the visual line of sight allows us to capture data much faster and independently from the pilot’s location.”
Philipp Mielke

Dipl. Ing., Strabag

Wolfgang Probst, CEO, Allterra
The mdMapper improves our work, especially in the case of quality, in accuracy, and especially the case of the battery. You can fly about 40 minutes with one battery; that’s a big advantage.”
Wolfgang Probst

CEO, Allterra

Alex Lowry, Drone operator, Brent Scarbrough & Company
What impressed me the most about the mdMapper-1000 DG drone, is the time that it saves doing a topo out here.”
Alex Lowry

Drone operator, Brent Scarbrough & Company

Ashley Pittman, GPS Manager, Brent Scarbrough & Company
If we were going to topo this area by hand, it would take a day and a half, possibly two days. And we wouldn’t be getting shots nearly as closely as we do with the drone.”
Ashley Pittman

GPS Manager, Brent Scarbrough & Company

Paul Shepard, Support Specialist/UAS, Sitech South
With the DG, you don’t have to go out and lay out as many ground control, as you do with a regular mapper. The processing time is going to be significantly decreased from the traditional mapper.”
Paul Shepard

Support Specialist/UAS, Sitech South

Chad Hicks, Imaging Solutions Team Lead, NEI GPS
We’re excited about the many benefits these UAVs can offer our customers. The aircraft have long flight times and the systems are very accurate and capable.”
Chad Hicks

Imaging Solutions Team Lead, NEI GPS

Mike Minick, Vice President, Martin Instrument
Microdrones UAS can help companies improve the way they perform jobs and add new services to the scope of work they can provide. Our clients’ customers are asking for UAV services and an mdMapper package is a great way to get started. Microdrones UAS offer long flight times, superb stability, flexibility in the field, resistance to harsh weather and environmental conditions, and they are easy to learn and operate.”
Mike Minick

Vice President, Martin Instrument

Since our (mdAcademy) training, we’ve flown multiple missions and demos for customers. These systems have been very positively received. We demonstrated them for a construction company and they came back and told us the deliverables were ten times better than they achieved with a competitor’s product.The mdMapper1000 package offers considerably higher value than our customers are used to seeing for a commercial-grade, multi-rotor UAS.”
Steve Richter

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Frontier Precision

Microdrones has an excellent product line. We’ve investigated multiple brands and feel this is the best option on the market for our customers. Microdrones quadcopters are easy to control, highly maneuverable, can fly for a long time, and are very robust and weather-resistant. They’re not going to be stopped by environmental challenges.”
Carlos Escudero

General Manager, GEOCOM

We’re excited to provide our customers with such exceptional UAS. These are survey-grade systems and when you look at them, the engineering and quality are obvious. This technology provides real value and will help our customers perform jobs more safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. When we saw the Trimble announcement in October, we immediately reached out to Microdrones. After speaking with them we were so impressed by their mdMapper systems, knowledge, and willingness to help, we put in a purchase order the next day. ”
Brian Holley

General Manager, SITECH South

Joe Hutton, Director Of Airborne Products Applanix Corporation
For more than 10 years Microdrones has set the standard for producing professional UAV solutions with outstanding performance and reliability. The combination of the Applanix Direct Georeferencing technology with their platforms has resulted in highly efficient and accurate mapping and surveying solutions that are second to none. They are truly setting the bar for professional UAV solutions.”
Joe Hutton

Director of Airborne Products Applanix Corporation

Jason Pierce, CEO of AVSAN
The fact that we are often operating at 3800 meters a challenge here in Chile. Our fleet of Microdrones md4-1000 aircraft are very helpful tools… especially with high elevation 3-blade props installed.”
Jason Pierce


Victor Pinto Taylor, Technical Manager, AVSAN
Every day we are showing the world what the Microdrones md4-1000 can do in expert hands. My hats off to the guys at Microdrones for building such a masterful machine!”
Victor Pinto Taylor

Technical Manager of AVSAN

Robert Rink, DLRG Horneburg (German Lifeguard Association)
The DLRG (German Lifeguard Association) Horneburg was immediately convinced by the RESTUBE product and highly promising operations with a Microdrones UAV.”
Robert Rink

DLRG Horneburg (German Lifeguard Association)

Christopher Fuhrhop, founder & CEO RESTUBE
The DLRG, Microdrones and RESTUBE are driven by the same thing: with our knowledge and cooperation, we can bring even more safety to people in and on the water.”
Christopher Fuhrhop


Dr. Dalibor Jerinic, Head of Innovations – Business Unit Industrial Service, TÜV Nord Group
The md4-1000 is the most productive multicopter system for inspection of wind turbines that we have used so far. Especially the long flight time- it makes this drone a very effective tool for our areas of application.”
Dr. Dalibor Jerinic

Head of Innovations – Business Unit Industrial Service, TÜV NORD GROUP

Erich Hrdina, Pharmacist
We Are Excited About the Possibilities”
Erich Hrdina

Pharmacist on the North Sea island of Juist, on the advantages of the “parcelcopter,” which enables deliveries of medication at night, at low tide and strong winds.

Urs Meier, Former Fifa Referee
I Saw it Myself… The Record Flight of the Microdrones md4-1000. Incredible Endurance!”
Urs Meier

Former FIFA referee