Fast. Reliable. Safe. Cost-effective: UAV/Drone Inspection Tools from Microdrones

Complete, Industry-leading Solutions for Drone-Based Aerial Inspections.

Power lines. Cell towers. Oil and gas pipelines. Railways. Methane detection – all of these and so many other types of industrial inspection are made easier, safer, and more efficient with Microdrones unmanned aerial systems.

Large, complex structures are best surveyed from the air. It’s no wonder that inspection has been one of the first UAV applications to be quickly and widely embraced world-wide.

Accurate, Safe Aerial Inspections in Minutes

UAVs are revolutionizing the inspection industry. Below are just a few of the inspection types users complete with Microdrones systems:

icon oil pipeline inspection

Oil pipeline inspection

icon gas pipeline inspection

Gas pipeline inspections

icon methane inspection

Methane gas inspections

icon solar panel inspection

Solar panel inspections

icon power line inspection

Power line / cable inspections

icon cooling tower

Cooling tower inspections

icon critical infrastructure inspection

Critical infrastructure inspections

icon wind turbine inspection

Wind turbine / windmill inspections

icon railway inspection

Railway / train line inspections

icon bridge inspection

Bridge inspections

icon monument inspection

Monument inspections

icon radiation inspection

Radiation measurement and monitoring

Accurate, Risk-Free Inspection

Designed for easy use, quick deployment, and intense accuracy, the Microdrones +i inspection kit makes it simple, fast, and cost-effective to collect the information your organization needs.

Using the optional Microdrones waypoint navigation mode, users can inspect structures autonomously, providing a rapid yet thorough inspection.

With a Microdrones UAS it is even possible to inspect high voltage power lines and wind turbines. Our systems have undergone rigorous testing – their electronics can withstand electrical fields up to 380kV and are unaffected by magnetic fields.

As seen in Inside Unmanned Systems: Microdrones md4-1000 Completes Inspections at Biggest Oil Rig in The World.

Introducing mdMapper +i

Microdrones mdMapper +i payload for aerial inspections

A Microdrones mdMapper1000 with a +i add-on = a powerful inspection system.
This system makes it easy to collect data to create accurate three-dimensional models.

With +i, you can:              

  • Take images of structures from various angles, thanks to brushless gimbals
  • View what the camera sees in real-time on a 7-inch monitor with tripod
  • Frame images

Whether you need to inspect structures as part of your internal operations, provide inspection as a service, or want to add inspection to the scope of your surveying and mapping business, +i will give you the inspection capabilities you need to perform efficiently and effectively.

Microdrones mdMapper +i payload for aerial inspections


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Too Dam Dangerous
When a conservation agency needed accurate data on a crumbling dam too treacherous for human access, they relied on an unmanned aerial system.

Introducing mdTector CH4:

mdTector CH4, our line of professional gas detection tools, offers significant advantages over competing technologies.

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See the Real Time and Post Flight Data Visualization capabilities of the mdTector1000CH4 in action.

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