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If you have an idea to put drones to good use in protecting, saving, or improving lives, then please let us know about it. Featured here are some of the projects our worldwide teams have lead:

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Video Blog Recap: ASPRS workshop at 2018 International LiDAR Mapping Forum, sponsored by Microdrones

In February 2018, Microdrones sponsored a special ASPRS workshop on Unmanned Aerial LiDAR following the 2018 International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver, Colorado.
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Drone mission: the search for missing people together with DLRG

The Microdrones team was happy to work with Deutsche Telekom and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung. Watch this video to see an integration of drones in air traffic control in an application to search for a...
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Aerial Thermography in a Danger Area at 3.800 Meters

The use of the microdrone md4-1000 in a mining mission helped to reduce the risk level for persons and equipment in Chile.
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New water rescue tactics: Microdrones meets DLRG

Microdrones and DLRG Horneburg demonstrate promising new water rescue tactic using drones and compact flotation devices.
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md4-1000: Guarding Angel Of Gas Field

A Microdrones-based inspection system has begun its trial flights to inspect pipelines in an inspection-unfriendly terrain in China.
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md4-1000 Desilting And Removing Dangers In Huaping

A mission for Microdrones in China: UAV / drone desilting and removing dangers in Huaping. The authorities of the Yunnan province, China, used a md4-1000 for quick analysis of a debris flow disaster.
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md4-1000 in Emergency Surveying And Mapping in Guizhou Mountains

The Municipal Survey & Design Institute for Water Resources and Hydropower in Guizhou Province deployed their md4-1000 in an emergency surveying and mapping task.
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AUV Surveillance in Earthquake-Stricken Cangyuan

Once a earthquake occurred in the Cangyuan county, China, a md4-1000 was deployed to the stricken area to provide emergency survey and mapping support.
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md4-1000 Based Dronlife Nominated for "UAE Drones For Good Award"

md4-1000 based Dronlife, a project to urgently delivery human transplant organs, was nominated for the international competition of the 1st "UAE Drones for Good Award".
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Microdrones Parcelcopter Enters Regular Service For DHL

Deutsche Post DHL’s parcelcopter project has entered its next phase, with Microdrones’ special copter going into regular service from the town of Norden in North Germany to the North Sea island of...