Drones as a Service: The Top Drone LiDAR Surveying Rental and Purchase Options

Everything you need to do drone LiDAR or surveying the right way,
with convenient packages and payment options starting at $1042 USD per month.

Geospatial Productivity Made Simple and Affordable.

Microdrones is making it easy for professionals to get started with everything needed to use drones for complex surveying work.

What Is mdaaS*?

Microdrones as a Service

mdaaS  empowers customers to deploy the full hardware and software solution as a service (HaaS and SaaS)

Microdrones delivers access to its unique data processing software solution, mdInfinity, packaged with either the purchase or rental of survey equipment.

First Let's Establish Some Terms.

Complete mapping solution offered by Microdrones composed of Survey Equipment and Data Processing modules fully adapted to that Survey Equipment.

The necessary equipment to gather Data using a UAV. It includes the drone, the payload and Microdrones proprietary mdCockpit mission planning and control software. Data collected with the survey equipment can be processed exclusively within mdInfinity.

Any available Software module which can process and facilitate the analysis of data through mdInfinity Software platform.


Microdrones delivers access to our software solution with the purchase of Survey Equipment included in the fee. Clients retain full maintenance and upgrade responsibility.

Microdrones Data Processing Modules plan for clients who prefer to pay only when they need it.

Microdrones delivers access to a software solution with the lease of Survey Equipment included in the fee. Clients enjoy convenient hardware as a service agreement, while Microdrones handles maintenance and upgrades.

Microdrones Data Processing plan for clients who use the tool extensively and need unlimited processing capabilities.

Yearly UAV & Payload maintenance for BUY IT customers.

mdInfinity is a powerful ecosystem that will enable you to quickly and efficiently process geospatial data, with convenient payment options.

mdInfinity is available in online and desktop versions.


Choose your
integrated system

Example system

i.e. mdLiDAR1000

Choose how to pay for your Survey Equipment
Buy It!

You retain full maintenance and upgrade responsibility.

Rent It!

You enjoy convenient hardware as a service agreement and Microdrones handles maintenance and upgrades.

Choose your plans for each data processing module

mdaaS not available in all markets- ask your salesperson for details.

*Note: mdaaS “Rent It” options are available in The United States, Canada, The European Economic Area, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and Australia.