Powerful Software That Makes Work Easy

Our UAV Softwares Simplify
Flight Planning, Monitoring, Analysis And Processing.

mdCockpit software and mdInfinity software are designed to provide users with powerful
tools that are easy to use.

mdINFINITY Software For Desktops

mdInfinity is a powerful, online token based ecosystem that will enable you to quickly and efficiently process geospatial data, including Trajectory Processing, Pointcloud Georeferencing, Boresight Calibration and Pointcloud Colorization.

Microdrones mdCockpit app running on a Samsung tablet.

mdCOCKPIT App for Android Tablets

mdCockpit allows you to Plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze your missions right from your tablet. This is useful for Professionals who use Microdrones UAVs for surveying, mapping, volumetrics, inspection, construction, mining, precision agriculture, and many other commercial applications.