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11 Things to Know About Microdrones

Mike Dziok

Microdrones integrates complete UAV mapping packages for surveying, mapping, construction, mining, visual inspection, and precision agriculture professionals. Below are some fun facts and key things to consider about this rapidly growing company.

  1. We’ve been around for more than a decade. Like many tech companies, Microdrones began in a basement but has grown to so much more. Udo Juerss created the world’s first commercial quadcopter. Juerss soon found Jan Wendel, algorithmic master, and Daniel Schübeler, aerodynamic expert. Together, they founded Microdrones in 2005. Read the full company story here.
  2. We’re Trimble’s preferred provider of quadcopter UAS. Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Microdrones is proud to be a UAS supplier for Trimble’s worldwide distribution network.
  3. We’re growing! Our 80+ employees work at our locations in Siegen (Germany), Vaudreil, Quebec (Canada), Rome, New York (USA), and in an ever-expanding network of offices worldwide. We’re hiring the best of the best to join us.
  4. We make work safer. When a conservation agency needed accurate data on a crumbling dam too treacherous for human access, they relied on the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG mapping package, built on our md4-1000, VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft that supports up to a 1.2 kg payload.
  5. We make complete, industry-leading UAS for surveying, mapping, construction, and precision agriculture. mdMapper1000DG is a true game changer. With this aerial surveying solution, you’ll achieve highly accurate data, cover more ground in one flight, use less people and equipment on jobs—all without using ground control points.
  6. We are making work easier, faster, and cheaper. In Juniper Flats, California, county land surveyors use UAS to save tax dollars and project times and to improve public safety. Microdrones’ mdMapper1000DG mapped an extremely flat area where a huge basin was recently constructed to ensure the basin would be able to hold the amount of water necessary before it releases into a newly built storm drain system.
  7. We’re accomplished. In May, the Microdrones team announced the addition of a new team member: Dr. Mohamed Mostafa as the Director of mdSolutions. Dr. Mostafa has a Ph.D. in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary and more than 18 years’ experience in system design, development, integration, calibration, and quality control.
  8. Our work is always an adventure. Microdrones is collaborating with the University of Sherbrooke to use our new LiDAR system to measure snow depth high in the mountains. Safe and easy collection of this data with a UAV LiDAR solution will help with tasks like predicting water resource levels for mountain villages and predicting avalanches. You can also read about this project in the latest issue of Inside Unmanned Systems.
  9. We’re a great place to work. If you’re looking for routine, look elsewhere. Every day is exciting at Microdrones!
  10. We care about improving the world. From mining risk reduction to disaster relief, from improving power grid inspection and safety in China to emergency reservoir surveying and mapping, Microdrones cares.
  11. We have a vision. We are always looking to the future for ways to help—delivering medicine and transplant organs, and soliciting your ideas for putting drones to good use in protecting, saving, or improving lives. Share your vision with us!