Affordable Drone Surveying Webinar Replay- mdaaS

If you missed our educational webinar on our new sales program, Microdrones is offering an educational webinar, “mdaaS: An easy way to Make Drone LiDAR and Drone Surveying a Part of Your Business,” you can click the link below to watch the replay. The webinar will help customers understand their options within the new program, and to configure what might be best for them.

Join Microdrones to learn how Microdrones as a Service can supply your surveying business with the necessary equipment to gather data using a UAV. This webinar is designed to help you understand the options within the program, and to configure what might be best for them. Please CLICK HERE to watch the replay.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What is mdaaS
  • How you prefer to pay for your survey equipment- Buy it or Rent it
  • Data Processing Plans
  • mdInfinity Payment Processing Plans
  • Benefits and Opportunities
  • Invitation to Special Offer for attendees only

Microdrones is making it easy for professionals to get started with everything needed to use drones for complex surveying work. 

Click above to pre-register

mdaaS Pre Purchase Registration

Microdones as a Service just launched May 1st, and we want you to have an opportunity to add drone surveying equipment to your toolbox. Our initial webinar had record interest and registration so we wanted to give you the ability to pre-register for Microdrones as a Service. With a $2,500 deposit, Microdrones as a Service can get you started with everything you need to do drone LiDAR and surveying the right way. Simply go to THIS LINK and fill out the form to get started and one of our reps will get in touch shortly.  Again, we wanted to help streamline the process for those of you that are ready to put our systems to work.


Bret Burghdurf

Bret Burghdurf is the Microdrones Director, Marketing Americas and New Markets and has an extensive background in advertising, sales, and communications.

Bret has more than twenty years of experience in marketing, communications, creative services and sales and joins us from a regional advertising agency where he was most recently Media Director. At Microdrones his role is to help manage and develop their marketing platform with geographic responsibility for the Americas. In addition, he collaborates with the business development team to conceive, plan and execute initiatives that support our expansion into new markets.

Chuck Dorgan

Chuck Dorgan is the Microdrones Director of Sales for the Americas and has extensive sales experience specifically in drone sales and operations.

Chuck brings a wealth of sales and engineering experience to the company, having spent more than 16 years in management positions at United Technologies Corporation, nearly seven years at Xerox. At Microdrones, Chuck motivates our sales team, implements strategic sales plans, and works with our customers and distributors to better understand their business needs and goals.

If you would like more information on Microdrones as a Service please CLICK HERE to speak with one of our representatives.