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AllTerra Sud Offers Microdrones® mdMapper Packages for Professional Aerial Surveying

Mirjam Braas

Microdrones is honored to announce a new partnership with AllTerra Sud, leading provider of geospatial equipment to South Germany. In addition to Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate, the Trimble Dealer will offer the mdMapper portfolio Austria as well.

“We are always curious about new technologies and offering solutions to our customers,” said Wolfgang Probst, CEO and Sales Director of AllTerra Sud, “We were very excited to learn that Trimble partnered with Microdrones and Delair-Tech.” AllTerra Sud sought the perfect fit for the market and found exactly that in Microdrones’ mdMapper packages. “We are thrilled about the possibilities and the laser options. Everything was so easy and technically developed,” explained Probst. 


Christian Esser from AllTerra Süd Deutschland GmbH, using the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG

With key customer Strabag, AllTerra Sud has an exceptional partner who understands the value of mdMapper solutions. Many stone quarry clients rely on AllTerra Sud for their Microdrones products. 

The Microdrones mdMapper1000 system helps customers save money, increase volume and deliver accuracy within centimeters. “It’s a great working tool,” remarked Probst.

The Microdrones mdMapper product line-up currently includes:

  • mdMapper200 – Compact, complete, and competitively priced
  • mdMapper1000 – Extra-long flight times and resistance to harsh conditions
  • mdMapper1000DG – The benefits of mdMapper1000 plus the power of direct georeferencing produce time savings with no ground control points.

Users can increase the functionality of their systems with optional accessory kits, including inspection, multispectral, thermal and methane gas sensors… and soon LiDAR.

Probst is excited for forthcoming LiDAR packages, explaining that “…laser payloads will enable safety and clearance of quarry walls while delivering detailed insights and accuracy in real time.”

AllTerra Sud has exceptional experience in drones, surveying, and photogrammetry, offering a full range of solutions, training, and support for geospatial professionals. “We never leave our clients by themselves with their projects. Offering only the product doesn’t help them,” said Probst, adding that the best compliment is when a client describes them as “…their trusted adviser and reliable partner.”

The team at Microdrones is thrilled to be working with AllTerra Sud. “They have been in the industry for almost 20 years,” explained Samuel Flick, Microdrones Sales Manager for Europe. “AllTerra Sud’s most unique selling proposition is their relationship with customers. They provide complete solutions including presentations, point clouds, ground control points, software, training, support and consulting. Friendly, comprehensive support makes the difference when explaining new technology.” explained Flick. 

Learn more about AllTerra Sud: http://www.allterra-ds.de/