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Navigation Electronics, Inc.

Get to know William Poche, the Owner and Vice President of Sales for Navigation Electronics, Inc. in this distributor Spotlight Video from Microdrones.

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells, rents, leases, and services Microdrones Integrated Systems, Mapping/GIS, Surveying/Construction equipment and technology from Trimble and other leading manufacturers. In the video below, William shares his insight on his company, Microdrones and a unique opportunity at NEI- be sure to watch until the end!

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells and supports Microdrones Integrated Systems as well as other Mapping/GIS and Surveying/Construction equipment and technology throughout the Southern United States. They’ve been a Trimble geospatial distributor since 1990. The corporate headquarters is located in Lafayette, LA with satellite offices in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. NEI maintains its service center and sales office at its headquarters in Lafayette, LA, and a sales office & GIS training center in Duluth, GA.

NEI is known for its geospatial problem-solving ability and for providing its expertise to enable customers to apply the best solution possible. Every aspect of their business is customer focused, from the GIS professionals on staff to their service and administration team.

Chuck Snow, Microdrones Sales Manager, Southeastern US and William Poche, Owner and Vice President of NEI

The Right People & Tools

For the past 2 years, NEI has been the top-selling distributor of Microdrones Integrated systems. William Poche, Owner and Vice President notes that his customers prefer to have a turn-key, reliable, and fully integrated drone system that can deliver repeatable results.

Poche started the UAV side of his business back in 2014. Although drone technology was still emerging, his customers wanted to be able to produce beautiful mosaics and collect reliable, repeatable data. “NEI wants to align ourselves with the best,” said Poche. “Microdrones is the best. They do all the integration themselves. We need something that simply works, can get deployed in the field, and checks all the boxes our customers need.”

Since 2014, the market for drone surveying equipment has grown tremendously, with NEI leading the way.

They’ve been successful by understanding their customer's needs and providing the right tools for the job. Poche has two words of wisdom for companies who are thinking about entering the drone surveying market: localization and expertise.

“I believe having a great localized presence with experts in those industries, is the most important aspect of creating a successful UAV operation. It’s about having the right tool for the right job along with the right people and the right partner who understands what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Unique Opportunity

When it comes to working with the right people, NEI has a unique opportunity to fill their Director of UAS Sales position. This position will identify new business opportunities while maintaining current and potential customers in the aerial surveying, mapping, engineering, and construction space, across multiple industry verticals. The Director of UAS Sales position offersopportunities to travel, meet various industry & technology leaders, as well as get into the field to demonstrate just what drone technology can do. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact

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