Ask the Experts: How long does it take to learn to use a Microdrones unmanned aerial vehicle?

Question:  How long does it take to learn to use a Microdrones UAV?

Answer:     The short answer is that these systems are very easy to learn to fly. Learning to control the aircraft can take as little as an hour.

That being said, we are selling systems – complete solutions developed for specific industrial applications. These are flying tools that are to be used by companies to make and save money.

The Microdrones mdAcademy training team is committed to ensuring our users fully understand their system so they can harvest exceptional results. Some of the training areas include:

• components of the system,
• how these components work together,
• how to effectively plan missions,
• how to trouble shoot,
• how to handle emergencies that might arise, and
• how to use the system to efficiently, accurately, and safely collect data.

Because we want our users to be thoroughly trained, Microdrones offers comprehensive, hands-on training. For example, our sales team tells customers that flight training for the mdMapper1000 is three days, but they should plan for five in case of bad weather. Good training is not something to rush through; with thorough training you can get the best possible return on your investment. And, when it comes to emergency and troubleshooting training, as the old adage says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

More advanced systems will require lengthier training. If a customer buys a direct georeferencing (DG) system, they should plan to train for a additional two days on DG and processing. Adding other sensors like LiDAR could further increase training time.

The reason for this thoroughness is simple: we are selling the best platform in the world, and we want to make sure our customers know how to use our systems to the fullest so they achieve the best possible results. Like any new skill, once trained, users will need to continue to practice to master the system. Our best users and customers who are getting the best results are the ones who have flown the most missions.

mdAcademy training courses were designed to provide thorough info and instruction to get new customers up and running quickly and effectively. Courses are tailored for the specific applications users will be performing. At the course, you will learn to complete the types of tasks and projects that you purchased the drone to perform.

Our trainers are always busily working around the globe to educate new users. Check back soon for more inside looks at mdAcademy!

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