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Ask the Experts: Why Use Drones for Surveying and Mapping?

Many surveying and mapping professionals are turning to Microdrones unmanned aerial mapping solutions to perform work better. At the same time, Trimble dealers are quickly signing on to provide our mdMapper packages to surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, mining, and other geospatial customers world-wide.

When you consider the benefits these systems offer for GIS pros, it’s easy to see why our unmanned systems are gaining so much momentum. Microdrones mdMapper packages help you to:

Save time. Get more done.
Time is money and efficiency may be the most important benefit for geospatial professionals. mdMapper packages allow you to spend less time in the field collecting data.

Be Competitive
UAVs are becoming an industry standard. Customers are asking for UAV surveying – and smart companies are preparing to deliver. Providing UAS mapping services shows that a business is an industry leader at the forefront of technology.

Improve Worker Safety
Easily complete projects in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access – such as challenging terrain, crumbling structures, high locations, and areas effected by natural disasters. With our mdMapper1000DG system, you can even avoid installing GCPs.

Collect Data without Stopping Work 
Survey operating work areas, like construction sites and live mines. You’ll no longer have to stop work and equipment to collect the data you need, making the task much more logistically simple.

Offer More Services to Existing Clients 
You already have their trust and a UAV system, why not provide for more of the services they need? By incorporating various payloads and technologies into your system, you can increase the number of services and deliverables you can provide for clients.

Microdrones offers optional accessory kits that integrate perfectly with our systems. These include inspection, thermal, multispectral, and soon LiDAR and methane gas detection.

Ditch the GCPs (while Keeping the Accuracy)
Achieve survey-grade accuracy with less time, less people, and less equipment. With Microdrones direct georeferencing (DG) mdMapper systems, you’ll no longer need ground control points.

Slash Post-Processing Times
Our DG systems enable you to post-process data in a fraction of the time by reducing the image front and sidelap.

Become a Corridor Mapping Master
Our mdMapper1000DG is ideal for corridor mapping. It delivers exceptional results and avoids the wasted images and risks involved in using a fixed wing solution.

Envision achieving incredible accuracy in one line with no ground control points. That’s the magic of mdMapper1000DG.