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Benefits of The Microdrones Aircraft Platform

The Microdrones platform is unique and is suited for rigorous, daily survey work in harsh conditions. Since 2005, more than one thousand professional users worldwide have trusted Microdrones.

Here is Chuck Dorgan, our Sales Director for the US explaining why.

GNSS Receiver:
The GNSS chip combines the power of all satellite-based positioning systems around the globe (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou) improving accuracy. This provides superior positioning, increasing the efficiency while reducing risks of breaking down and lost or missed data.

Robust Housing and Components:
The carbon fiber construction makes it easy to handle an occasional rough landing. The carbon fiber also insulates interior components so you can fly at more extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Rain and Heat Resistant:
The molding process helps keep electronics and wiring protected from the elements. Our Microdrones systems are resistant to rain, sand and salt, so you can fly in almost any condition.

Reliable Motors for Minimum Downtime:
Our brushless low RPM motors and large props work seamlessly with your airframe. Microdrones motors don’t need to work as hard, which translates to longevity.

A Plus for Efficiency:  Pragmatic, not Cosmetic.
The Microdrones platform has a distinct look that makes it stand out from other UAV’s. This is pragmatic, not cosmetic.

While most drones fly in an “X” shape, ours fly in a more practical design that is a “+” shape, with a prop in the front, the back and each side. With props spread out this way, it creates a more stable and level flight even during turns. With less energy being used the stability and extra power goes towards carrying heavier payloads.

mdOS for Efficient Code Customization:
Microdrones created a proprietary operating system and used it as a foundation for a flexible autopilot so you can customize it for your specific mapping needs.

Stable Flight for Precise Results: 
The autopilot system instantly responds to changing winds to maintain a proper flight attitude. When it comes to mapping, our stable flight enables more accurate and precise data.

Ready for the Future:
The md4-1000 was introduced in 2009 and continues to be the most popular platform. As part of continuous improvement, all Microdrones platforms are ready to be upgraded when new developments, hardware and firmware are available.

Seeing how well built and efficient our technology is, will make you want to use it for your surveying and mapping business. If you like what you see, contact our sales team by sending an email to

This is just one of the many ways we’re helping geospatial professionals to work smarter.