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Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2017 Recap

The Microdrones team was excited to attend the 2017 Commercial UAV Expo this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. While there, the team showed off professional grade UAV’s and payloads. On top of all the excitement, Microdrones released a new fully integrated solution, mdTector1000CH4. The three-day long expo drew geospatial pros from around the country with our salespeople from Latin America, France, Canada and the US, making connections with prospective buyers and meeting with existing clients to talk about their successful projects and future missions.

The Microdrones team was thrilled to attend the 2017 Commercial UAV Expo Americas this year to showcase our products. Here's a recap from some of our team.

Watch the video above, or read below for the recap of what our team had to say about the expo from the show floor.

Chuck Dorgan, Sales Director US talks about how important it is for us to meet with customers and see what their needs are.

“I’d say 95% of the people that walk by our booth are our customers or our future customers... this is probably the most valuable to us because the people that attend this are in the business.”

Sales Team Making an Impact

Sales Manager US West Region, Richard Rayhel said, “Microdrones has been established for many years; our dealers have shown the value of our solutions to future customers and we are more than a drone, we offer a full system solution from beginning to end.”

Elana Rodriguez, Sales Manager Latin America adds, “Customers are looking for support 24/7, and gain knowledge to become more successful in their research.”

While providing knowledge and support to customers is the top priority at Microdrones, having first-hand experience of how our products operate in the terrain of your region, is another benefit of the expanding Microdrones sales team.

“Being from the region that I represent is a positive; knowing the heat, humidity and what clients go through daily and helping them pick the right products from Microdrones gives us a leg up,” said Matt Rosenbalm, Sales Manager US South Region.

“Our products, like the mdMapper series, allows customers to develop their own needs. We have many different sensors allowing us to plug and play…in this way Microdrones is the best answer to resolve different issues out in the field. Our products are easy to use, with training from our own pilots.” said Audrey Pann, Sales Manager Europe.


Sales Manager US West Region, Richard Rayhel interacting with an Expo attendee learning about the Microdrones platforms.

Microdrones Creates Products Specifically for Your Needs

“Here at Microdrones, if you are looking to tweak a current payload or create something brand new for one of your mapping or inspection needs, we can do that,” Chuck Dorgan said.

Sebastien Long, Sales Manager Canada adds, “We want the client to tell us what they want; what data they want, the accuracy they’re looking at or what precision they’re looking at.  We will provide what they want to see in the end.” 

The accessibility and creativity within Microdrones makes it easier for the end user to reach their goals and working with Trimble connects the dots even quicker.  At the expo, two of our Trimble dealers spoke on why they chose Microdrones platforms and how we stood out from the competition. 

“What attracted us to Microdrones was the quality of construction… it’s commercial grade not hobbyist,” said Mike Minick, Vice President, Martin Instrument.

“Microdrones was highly recommended; it has the engineering, European fit and finish aspect to it and the reputation it’s built for itself in the past few years is incredible,” said Eric Seiler of Seiler Geospatial Division.

The New Addition

The newest member of the Microdrones family is the mdTector1000 CH4.  This was formally introduced to the public on Tuesday October 24, 2017.  Our Sales Director Chuck Dorgan had the privilege of announcing this fully integrated payload in a packed room in Las Vegas at the Expo.  The mdTector1000 CH4 is the first in its lineup of professional aerial inspection solutions for detecting methane leaks.  The Pergam sensor has a live monitoring system for you to see what the drone is seeing in real-time. 

mdSolutions Director Dr. Mohamed Mostafa has said that it’s already in high demand and is versatile enough to be used for natural gas line surveys, tank inspections and plant safety.

“This is an end to end solution used to indicate whether or not there is a gas leak in a pipeline.  This is a pioneering product around the world and allows the user to detect leaks safely…” said Mostafa.

Sales Director US, Chuck Dorgan announcing the newest addition to Microdrones, the mdTector1000 CH4 in Las Vegas, Nevada in front of a packed room.

Looking at Next Year

The Microdrones team looks forward to showcasing our professional products next October at the 2018 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas..  In the meantime, if you have questions about any of our products contact us today.