Creating Original Drone Surveying Content

Why Being Original Matters

Recently, Bret Burghdurf, Director of Marketing for Americas and New Markets for Microdrones joined Tim Maitland, Executive Vice President Business Development at MarketScale, on Marketscale Live for a live discussion on marketing, original content and creating original materials. You can watch what they had to say in the player below.


On Thursdays Tim invites different guests to Marketscale Live to talk about key topics relevant to their business and tie in marketing solutions that are helping them grow. In this week’s episode, Bret and Tim will discuss why being original matters and how developing creative content helps set end users and distributors apart from the competition. The idea of original content, is really just creating owned content and telling your story – not just relying on others to tell it for you. One of the most important parts of this is knowing your audience and what will resonate, but also pushing boundaries. 

A great example of some original content from Microdrones was the first “Down to Earth” reality series, created in conjunction with Crafton Tull and Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI.)

Down to Earth documented the challenges and hazards that surveying crews face while working out in the field. In the first episode, you’ll meet the Crafton Tull team and learn about their mission – delivering key data on 150 acres of the cliff-filled region of Big Creek where they are tasked with surveying the site so that their engineers can design a road through the heart of the mountainous terrain.

Throughout the series, you’ll see how Crafton Tull attacked this challenging terrain head-on with the Microdrones mdLIDAR1000, leveraging the drone to navigate an elevation change of more than 500 feet.

Being original and creating fun and exciting content such as Down to Earth resonates with the audience, showcases the product and fosters a stronger relationship with both the end-users and the distributors.

You can watch episode 1 of Down to Earth in the player below.

Be sure to tune into Marketscale Live to learn about creating original content. If you would like to collaborate with Microdrones on future content creation CLICK HERE to speak with a representative from their marketing department.