| Rome, USA

Digging Deeper – Talking Construction and Drone Technology with Microdrones Expert Chuck Dorgan

Mike Dziok

In this quick and informative video, Bill Neely of OneGroup’s Construction Team and Chuck Dorgan, Sales Director for Microdrones U.S. business, discuss how the latest UAV drone technology is aiding the construction industry by creating safer work environments and improving efficiencies.

Microdrones is a full solutions and systems provider for mapping, surveying, structural inspection, and precision agriculture trusted by more than one thousand customers worldwide. Chuck explains there is synergy between the construction industry and drone industry; each is helping the other grow. Throughout a whole construction project, for example, a contractor can survey the whole area to track progress. For structural inspections, a project leader can fly a drone and get some amazing detail down to the threads on a bolt or a serial number without having employees crawling or climbing a structure.

In the near future, Microdrones is releasing LIDAR mapping packages. LIDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses a pulsed laser to measure ranges. There’s a huge demand for this technology right now. Microdrones is also going to offer a laser methane gas detection system. It’s a part of the Microdrones continued commitment to innovation that will help professionals work smarter.