Drones for Surveying

Do you surround yourself with the best drone surveying professionals?

Take your GIS Mapping Technology and Drone Surveying to the next level.

Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI) is the leading distributor of Microdrones surveying equipment and they pride themselves on working with the best.

This video highlights the technology, equipment, and industry-leading professionals throughout the surveying, GIS mapping, and unmanned aerial vehicle industry that they serve. See for yourself:

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells, rents, and services Microdrones Integrated Systems, Mapping/GIS, Surveying/Construction equipment and technology from Trimble and other leading manufacturers.

You can find the Microdrones Team and NEI on location at many of the trade shows and surveying conferences throughout the Southern US. NEI offers the complete lineup of drone surveying equipment from Microdrones including the GE industrial drone line and the Expert drone line for all of your LiDAR and photogrammetric needs.

Microdrones and NEI present at the 2022 Arkansas Society of Professional Surveyors Conference.

The professional staff from NEI can provide expert advice and knowledge for getting started with the right tools for your drone surveying needs. Get in touch with them today or you can always contact one of our helpful sales representatives to schedule a meeting to see how you can get more done with drone surveying equipment.