Drone LiDAR Spanish Webinar featuring the mdLiDAR1000HR

A Spanish LiDAR Technology presentation featuring the mdLiDAR1000HR

JMEQUIPOS, our distributor in Columbia presented a very informative webinar on the all new mdLiDAR1000HR, the next generation of industry leading drone surveying equipment from Microdrones. HR means high resolution point clouds and increased coverage is made easier and more accessible than ever.

The recorded webinar is featured in the player below, where their team reviews the background of the company, the market and previews data, results, classification, and examples of point clouds created by the mdLidar1000HR. Also included is Abdel Diani, the Director of Global Distribution for Microdrones, who introduces our company and technology. This presentation is conducted in Spanish. English subtitles can be turned on in the YouTube CC menu.

JMEQUIPOS is our partner in Columbia, where over the past 12 years they’ve developed a strong reputation as one of the best distributors of technological equipment in the area, especially in the Antioquia region.

JMENDOZA EQUIPOS SAS was born from the need to provide greater alternatives to clients such as surveyors, engineers, and construction companies who seek the best in customer service and support when acquiring their technological products.

Now included in their equipment catalog is the full lineup of drone surveying equipment from Microdrones, that come with everything a commercial user needs to get started using drones for surveying and mapping – the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware.

This webinar features the presentation and review of Lidar Technology, an introduction to the all-new Microdrones mdLiDAR1000HR, a demonstration of the applications, and how to use the technology to obtain accurate results.

If you would like more information on the mdLiDAR1000HR or other drone LiDAR systems, please CLICK HERE to speak with one of our representatives.