Down To Earth

Drone Reality Series Down to Earth Featured on Marketscale Mornings.

Live on Thursday mornings, Microdrones marketing partner, Marketscale, airs their video podcast Markscale Mornings.  The show brings thought leadership to your morning routine and keeps you informed with industry experts on the latest trends, events and news in B2B.

On the latest episode of MarketScale Mornings, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Taylor Raglin sat down for a discussion with Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern US on all things original B2B content.

In particular, the discussion turned to narrative-based content, such as the new Microdrones series, “Down to Earth.”

Litwin, Raglin and Rosenbalm, discuss how Down to Earth not only provided viewers with an intimate look at the use of a drone on a surveying project but engaged audiences in a unique way while still delivering a valuable vehicle for sharing the capabilities of Microdrones products. Check it out in the player below.

Down to Earth is a new reality series that reveals the challenges and hazards that professional surveyors face while out in the field. The first 3 episodes, titled “The Ozarks” take viewers on an edge-of-your-seat journey alongside engineering and surveying firm Crafton Tull. Their mission is to map an area in Arkansas’s treacherous Ozark Mountain region using Microdrones Integrated Systems to provide powerful, reliable, and high-quality deliverables.

“We worked with a great team at Crafton Tull,” explained Rosenbalm. “Nick Tucker and Jeff Davis were the stars of the show who found this amazing project for us to document. We arrived on the scene in the Ozarks surrounded by the beautiful mountains and scenery of the cliff filled region of Big Creek and we immediately realized this was going to be a challenging project.”

Down to Earth is unique content for the surveying community and showcases not only the new technology being used by surveyors, but also the type of work they are completing in the field. The structure of that narrative is created to make it easy for other surveyors to relate to these challenges and how to overcome them.

Rosenbalm said that, “A traditional survey crew on a site like this may take many days or weeks to complete, especially with the challenging terrain and vegetation. The ROI by allowing a drone to do this type of work is huge and that really opens the eyes of other surveyors.”

In addition to being entertaining, Down to Earth is also a very educational series demonstrating how surveyors can benefit by adding technology like the integrated systems from Microdrones to their workflow. “Our marketing team really had a vision to tell a story and educate people. I spend the majority of my time educating potential and existing customers on how to use this technology.  Down to Earth shows that process and helps make it easier to understand how valuable the technology can be in the field.”

The first 3 episodes, “The Ozarks,” is just the beginning of Down to Earth. The marketing team is already working with other customers to develop new episodes and document other challenging projects where integrated systems from Microdrones are being put to the test.

“I’m excited to see where Down to Earth goes,” said Rosenbalm. “Once we start to highlight more of our customers around the globe it will give us more opportunity to develop engaging and entertaining content and while also educating surveyors around the world about drone surveying technology.”

In the Marketscale Morning video Litwin, Raglin and Rosenbalm also touched on the importance of ancillary characters, the challenges in creating large-scale content like Down to Earth, and the future of original content at Microdrones and beyond.

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