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Drone Surveying and Evaluation in Civil Engineering Webinar

Are you or your company interested in learning which projects you can manage with a surveying drone in civil engineering? In this webinar replay we'll demonstrate how you can use data collected by a Microdrones integrated system to evaluate projects more cost-effectively and efficiently using Trimble Business Center.  Please note this webinar is presented in German.

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In this Webinar Replay, Microdrones European Sales Manager, Samuel Flick, teams up with Stefan Argiriu, Trimble Software Sales Manager, to examine what types of projects can be managed with a surveying drone in civil engineering.

They'll review what drone surveying looks like in everyday construction sites and discuss the benefits and advantages of using a LiDAR drone. They will also demonstrate how you can process and visualize the data with Trimble Business Center.

This one hour webinar covers:

  • What do I need to use a drone?
  • Benefits of LiDAR systems in drone surveying
  • Microdrones - a manufacturer, a workflow
  • For which applications can construction companies use flying data?
  • Demonstration of a result in the Trimble Business Center Overview of the photogrammetric evaluation of a fly with Trimble software

Click the picture above of use this link to access the Webinar Replay video.

About the Hosts:

Samuel Flick

Samuel Flick has been Sales Manager Central Europe at Microdrones since October 2015. His focus is on central and southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Before joining Microdrones, Samuel was an independent sales partner for many years.

Stefan Argiriu

Stefan Argiriu is a Software Sales Manager at Trimble with many years of experience in software and product management. He has a background in engineering with a bachelor of engineering, surveying engineering from the Munich Univeristy of Applied Sciences.

If you would like to learn more about drone surveying with Microdrones, please CLICK HERE to speak with one of our representatives.