Drone Surveying & Consulting Overview video from 5D Konsulterna

Microdrones presents an overview video of 5D Konsulterna, which is comprised of three different consulting companies under one roof—5D Teknik, a distributor of Microdrones, 5D Konsulterna and 5D Konsulterna Projektstod. Watch the video in the player belo

Offering specialized consultation solutions in five dimensions, 5D provides metrological technical consulting services, including measurement technology components, for construction, civil engineering and infrastructure, as well as project support services with site managers and supervisors who have a concentrated focus on project identification, compliance with both AMA requirements and MER regulations, metrological expertise and obstacle resolution.

Microdrones Opens the Door to a Variety of Cutting-Edge Applications

For many of its services, the company employs drones—but not just any drones. 5D relies solely on the cutting-edge drone surveying equipment and software that only Microdrones can provide.

“At 5D, we do all kinds of things for our customers – mainly project management and surveying at construction sites,” said Agnes Orevi of 5D.

Why? Boasting industry-leading flight times, unmatched weather resistance and smart integration opportunities, Microdrones solutions are high-performance, intelligent drones that enable best-in-class quality for mapping, construction projects, inspections, safety work and more.

Hear Directly from 5D Konsulterna About Microdrones-Powered Results

In this video hear the company’s employees—including 5D Konsulterna AB’s Chief Mapping Surveyor Rikard Svall and Drone Pilot Anders Edlund—describe 5D’s various services, what makes their company so unique (the people), and the various ways in which the company employs Microdrones superior technology to enable complete end-to-end workflows—from planning and flying to processing and visualizing—ensuring overall project success.

“I like the Microdrones solutions very much,” said 5D Drone Pilot Anders Edlund. “They are easy to work with regarding planning of the missions and flying the drones – seeing the product and what it can give you in the end regarding pictures, scanning and so on.”

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