Drone Surveying Made Easier with mdCockpit New Features

mdCockpit, the industry-leading app from Microdrones was designed for professional drone users and makes it easy to plan, monitor, change, and control your flights right from your tablet– and it just got even better.

mdCockpit’s latest new features bring a variety of beneficial updates, all aimed at one key vision to deliver the premier solution for planning, monitoring, adjusting, analyzing and controlling professional drone flight missions right from your Android tablet. Join Robert Chrismon, the Marketing Manager and Voice of the Customer and Maude Morin, the Software Product Owner and learn about the updates in the video below.

mdCockpit 2021.1 Key Features

mdCockpit is designed to help you expect the unexpected, and these new features make that goal simpler than ever.

In mdCockpit version 2021.1, you’ll find key improvements to the app’s including:

User Interface

New North Arrow- A new button is now available in the right toolbar showing the North orientation. The arrow follows the map and by a single tap, the view can easily be reset to point North with a filled icon.

Drone Config

Cumulative Flight Time- In Drone Config, the user can now access the cumulative flight time for his drone.

Access Cumulative Flight time in Drone Config


Renaming of RC failsafe to C2 loss- The communication warning of RC failsafe has been renamed to C2 loss.

Mandatory Landing Message when Critical Battery Level- A mandatory landing message is now shown to the user when the battery level is critical.

Flight Edition - Mission Planning

Improved curved flight in corridor- We now let the drone accelerate or slowdown by itself in curve turn with a minimum radius of 3m. This feature is also available for camera footprints.

    Corridor objects now support curves segments between 3 and 25 degrees.

    LiDAR swath and camera footprint visualization in curved turns- During mission planning, LiDAR swath is now visually available on curved turns. This feature is also available for camera footprints.

    Round-trip corridor- The entry point for your corridor object has been improved for shorter and more efficient missions.


    1. In Flight Editor, create a Corridor Mapping.
    2. On the lower panel, click on your event for the Corridor Mapping dashboard to appear on the left.
    3. Use the Round-trip slider to toggle ON and OFF the feature.
    4. An extra leg will be created for your round-trip.
    Round Trip Corridor makes flights shorter and more efficient

    Control width of corridor- The width of the corridor is now an input parameter, meaning that changing the other parameters won’t affect the width you are trying to cover.

    Mission item events- Waypoints, survey and corridor objects can now be controlled more precisely by defining types and associating events manually during mission planning.

    Improved boresight calibration- The length for a boresight calibration can now be set manually to achieve optimal results.

    LiDAR Products

    Update mdLiDAR3000 v1 - v2 - v3- mdLiDAR3000 now have 3 payloads available, v1, v2 and v3 depending on which version of miniVUX is installed on your drone. While uploading an older missions of mdLiDAR3000 it will be automatically updated to mdLiDAR3000 v1.

    Field of view- was renamed Planning field of view and for mdLiDAR3000 v1, v2, v3 series it now includes 56° / 90° / 110° field of view.

    The mdLiDAR3000 v3- now has an Effective field of view of:

    Less than or equal to 110°

    Greater than 110°

    Terrain Follow

    SRTM1 / SRTM3 worldwide void-filled- SRTM1 elevation data is now available worldwide. We are now using the latest version available which is void-filled for more accurate Terrain Follow. We still support older missions using SRTM3.

    Support all GeoTIFFs extension- Custom GeoTIFF extension .tif and .tiff are now supported.

    Stabilized Curved Flight using Terrain Follow- New calculations during curved turns will improved the general behavior of the drone when using Terrain Follow.




    Downloading the mdCockpit app onto your Android tablet is easy. Click the image above or visit our page in the Google Play store.

    To learn more CLICK HERE to speak with a Microdrones sales representative.