Drone Surveying Questions and Answers. mdAskMeAnything Webinar Replay

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Do you have questions about making drones a part of your work? Watch the Ask Me Anything webinar replay for the answers.

The webinar answered a host of questions from professional users across a range of industries — with questions about drone surveying: best methodologies and practices, how to extract maximum cost efficiency, which systems are suited to which types and scale of jobs, and much more.  

A few examples include:

  • How to incorporate LiDAR in my drone survey? What advantages does it bring? How can I make it economical and cost-efficient? What savings over traditional surveying methods are possible?
  • How accurate is drone surveying over vegetation? Can I survey over quarries if water is present?
  • What is the workflow to cover a site with photogrammetry, generating high-resolution georeferenced photography, from start to finish? How long would it take, given the size of my specific project?
  • Why use a Microdrones integrated survey system? What advantages does it bring over other UAV systems?
  • What accuracy and range can I expect?
  • How should I best go about flight planning?
  • How many ground-control points do I need to set, or should I use direct georeferencing? Based on the specific description of my project.

Hear the answers to these and many other practical, work-oriented, drone surveying questions in the AskMeAnything webinar replay.

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