Drone Surveying Questions?

Get Answers to Your Drone Surveying Questions in the Ask Me Anything About Drone Surveying Virtual GeoMeet by Microdrones

Do you have questions about Drone Surveying? Now's your chance to ask them! Microdrones is answering questions about the applications and services for drones in surveying during an Ask Me Anything Virtual GeoMeet on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.  Participants can submit their questions and register HERE.

This presentation is designed for any surveying and GIS professionals who are interested in using new drone technology to expedite their workflow but are not sure where to begin. The team at Microdrones will answer all of their questions from drone survey equipment to flight planning apps, to data processing software, workflow, training, and support.

In addition, if a participant’s question is featured in the session on June 16th, they will be entered to win $500USD in Microdrones apparel or gear.

Click the Image Above to Ask Me Anything About Drone Surveying

Bret Burghdurf, Marketing Director Americas and New Markets, will host the session. “This is a great opportunity to ask our professionals anything you ever wanted to know about using drones for surveying and mapping,” says Burghdurf. “They’ll address questions about drones and lidar, mapping, methane detection, flight planning, monitoring, extracting data and any topics covering drone surveying and mapping. Of course, participants won’t have to wait for answers until June 16th. Our friendly and helpful team will get in touch within one business day of the question submission.”

After the Ask Me Anything Virtual Geomeet portion is complete, participants will have the opportunity to join an exclusive Online Networking Event to speak directly with Microdrones representatives to network, ask more questions, and learn how to start working with drone surveying equipment.