Drone Surveying Software Updates for mdInfinity Desktop

mdInfinity Desktop 2021.1 & 2020.5 Update

Microdrones is pleased to announce the release of the new mdInfinity Desktop 2021.1. mdInfinity is our unique data processing software solution that is packaged with either the purchase or rental of drone survey equipment from Microdrones to help you quickly and efficiently process geospatial data.

In the video below, the Microdrones team gives you an overview of the new updates. You can also read the summary below. Please note that the video also covers our previous version (2020.5) released just before the end of 2020.

Precision Enhancement

Precision Enhancement is now available for use in mdInfinity desktop. The new Remove Outliers option allows the user to apply an outlier’s detection, in addition of the precision enhancement algorithm. Microdrones outlier rejection is based on density and morphology which enable the user to isolate points belonging to relevant structures.

  • To be applied if the presence of gross outliers has been identified in the input point cloud during the input data verification.
  • To be applied if a noisy point cloud is present, because some outliers located close to the point cloud might not be close enough to the surrounding points to be considered as points affected by random errors.


You can now view and inspect your 3D point clouds directly in mdInfinity Desktop. You are also now able to use different measurement tools, color modes, and clipping functions to extract valuable information from your data.

  •  Input projected *.las files
  •  Input multiple files
  •  Use the point source id attribute to display by files
  •  Create a 2D profile
  •  Change the display view (elevation, intensity, classification, RGB, point source id (files), return number, gps-time)
  • Rotate the view with mouse left click
  • Pan the view with the mouse right click
  • Black background

LiDAR Coverage Preview

Update of the LiDAR coverage preview:

  • Export your LAS files in WGS84 and UTM projection so you can open them in the mdInfinity viewer
  • Trajectory file is exported in LAS format


Georeferencing transforms the raw data from the LiDAR (range and bearing angles), the GNSS and IMU (orientation and positioning) to 3D point cloud and associated data. The new updates allow you to export the trajectory file (sbet) in las format and open and see the results in the viewer.

  • Improved processing time
  • Support of new Coordinate Reference Systems
  • Trajectory file is exported in LAS format
  • Support of new Coordinate Reference Systems

Payload Profiles

Within mdInfinity Desktop you can manage your payload configurations.

  • Create a new profile and save your configuration
  • Select a payload profile in LiDAR processing modules
  • One-way connection with mdInfinity Cloud

mdMapper 3D Tool

You can now access and manage photos from your mdMapper 3D payload.

  • Connect to your mdMapper 3D payload
  • Download and automatically rename folders and photos from mdMapper 3D payloads

If you would like more information on mdInfinity CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with an expert representative from Microdrones.