Drones for Construction

Drone Surveying Technology Increases Efficiency at Construction Site

The Microdrones world tour recently made a stop in Vienna, Austria, with our distributor Geolanes, for a demonstration of the mdLiDAR1000HR and the mdMapper1000DG.

Christian Tschann, CEO of GeoLanes, reviews the flight plan with Stefan Götz and Christian Sattler from PORR

Robert Smely, from SkyElements Drone Solutions of Austria, a UAV consultant and specialist, helped make the arrangements for the meeting.  Christian Tschann, CEO of GeoLanes, and Samuel Flick, the Central European Sales Manager for Microdrones, conducted the demonstration for the PORR, the leading construction company in Austria.

Stefan Götz responsible for Surveying and Mapping at PORR and Christian Sattler, a surveyor and UAV pilot for PORR were in attendance. PORR uses in general drone technology for survey projects, volumetrics, and monitoring progress. 


A view of the stockpile and surrounding vegetation on site

The group met at one of the PORR stockpile sites in Vienna to fly both the mdLiDAR1000HR and the mdMapper1000DG. Christian and Samuel showed how to easily plan a flight in mdCockpit, attach the payload and prepare the system. 

In the past, using traditional survey methods, it would take a 2 man crew about a week to collect the data.  “We demonstrated that our drone surveying equipment is very accurate and efficient,” explains Flick, “All 10 hectares were covered in one 17-minute flight with the mdLiDAR1000HR. We also captured a lot of the vegetation surrounding the stockpile to show the capabilities of drone LiDAR.”

After the data was collected the group headed to the office to preview the point cloud data in mdInfinity and reviewed the results.

The mdInfinity Data Viewer displays a drone LiDAR point cloud

About PORR

Driving innovation for excellence – PORR has been synonymous with this for more than 150 years. With its approximately 20,000 staff and production output of around EUR 5.2 bn (as of 31.12.2020), it is one of Austria’s largest construction companies and among the top players in Europe. As a full-service provider, PORR offers every service in building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure construction, covering the entire value chain in the construction industry. The focus lies on the home markets of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. On selected international project markets like Norway, the UAE and Qatar, PORR concentrates on its export products in tunnelling, railway construction and civil engineering. The PORR share is listed on the prime market segment of the Vienna stock exchange. More info at porr-group.com.

About GeoLanes

The team at GeoLanes has more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry and the digitization of construction machinery. Their vision is to make the construction industry more efficient, more economical, and safer by advancing digitization technologies.

GeoLanes provides expert advice and first class support to their customers so they may extend greater added value and benefits to their end-users. In addition to providing sales and support GeoLanes also offers services such as 3D site surveying and the creation of 3D models. 

For more information about using drone surveying equipment from Microdrones talk with one of our friendly sales representatives.