Drone Surveyors Continue Essential Work. We Salute You.

The team at Microdrones salutes our customers working in the field!


Please take a moment to watch this brief video expressing our thanks for providing their essential services.

From boots on the ground…

To drones in the sky…

Professional surveyors, field crew employees, engineers, and many other geospatial professionals continue their work in all environments, collecting and delivering survey information in a safe and responsible manner.

This essential work deserves our praise and utmost respect. Thank you to all of our customers, end-users, and distributors for your continued service, dedication and effort during these extraordinary days. We understand that many of you are working on important projects such as infrastructure, development, mapping, environmental monitoring and other essential services.

You can be sure to count on the people, programs and products from Microdrones to continue to serve and support you.

Through your efforts and essential services, you continue critical field work, sustain economic development, and limit the long-term effects in our communities throughout the world. Together, we look forward to carrying on through these challenging times and emerging stronger than ever.

Keep safe and thank you for your services.

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Microdrones is offering an educational webinar, “mdaaS: An easy way to Make Drone LiDAR and Drone Surveying a Part of Your Business,” on Wednesday, May 13th, 9:00AM EST or 6:00PM EST. The webinar will help customers understand their options within the new program, and to configure what might be best for them.

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