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Drones In Construction: Watch this 3 Minute Case Study

It's drone vs. construction in this 3-minute drone surveying case study. Watch the video below for details on how the Cougar Companies are utilizing drone surveying.

Join the Southwestern Florida Cougar Companies as they use Drone LiDAR Surveying Equipment to provide more detailed topographic surveys. However, they have to contend with the unpredictable Florida weather as they try to collect data, confirm fill quantities, and stay on budget.

Find out if the Cougar Companies can deliver in circumstances that try even the most experienced pilots.

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Cougar Companies, headquartered in southwest Florida, uses the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 to deliver detailed topographic surveys. The company is carrying out an extensive survey in the Fort Myers area, at a construction site near a popular regional park. That park will have to make way for another one soon, as the construction site will soon transform into an RV park. Eventually, the project will feature a community-friendly environment, encompassing sports fields, a canal, a lake that has been reshaped, sidewalks, curbs, and a plethora of asphalt, all in an idyllic setting. Planning and flying the mission for The Cougar Companies is Adam Murphree, Director of Technology and UAV Pilot.

One of the aims of the project is to allow comparison of pre and post-construction conditions on the site. The client wants to know, for example, how much earth has been moved from one spot to another, and how much work remains to be done. Meanwhile, volatile Florida weather conditions can present an obstacle for UAV operations. Pools of standing water attest to a recent deluge, and there are new storm clouds on the horizon, so the team quickly gets to work, hoping to stay ahead of the weather.

Adam Murphree, Director of Technology and UAV Pilot, uses drone LiDAR on construction sites.

“There’s been multiple occasions in the early stages of utilizing drone surveying technology from Microdrones, where we have prevailed and been successful by having the ability to provide accurate data to both the owners and engineers, eliminating any questions on the big ticket items,” Cougar Companies President, Andrew Schmitt said.

Given the turbulent weather, how will the Cougar Companies team proceed? With the wind gusting around 25 miles per hour, Adam decides to persevere and successfully completes the data collection. Having a top-notch UAV system and an experienced pilot at the controls means Cougar Companies can collect and deliver geospatial data quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of their competition.

But the data collection is not the end of the story. Back at the company headquarters, the team use mdInfinity software to produce a detailed point cloud. Trees are classified out, material piles and machinery are identified, and the team compares the results against the original project design as well as previous survey data. The accuracy delivered by Cougar is an enormous bonus for the client.

Data collected helps to visualize a LiDAR point cloud of the Construction site to help calculate fill quantities.

“What we were able to do,” explained Schmitt, “is when we flew that project, we found in excess of a 40% discrepancy based on the design drawings we were given with existing conditions compared to what our drone was able to capture compared to other bidders. And what we were able to do, is sit down with that developer and owner, roll out that data, make them understand that your project will cost this.  Help us, help you eliminate change orders.  The data certainly puts us ahead of the competition.”

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