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Enhancing Drone LiDAR Accuracy with 3D Targets

Watch this 15-minute Exhibit Hall Presentation from Geo Week 2024

In this 15-minute presentation from Geo Week 2024, Martin Flood, Vice President of Special Projects at GeoCue, reviews an innovative approach to Drone LiDAR Accuracy Assessment using 3D targets- the Accuracy Star from GeoCue. Click the image below to watch the presentation:

The Accuracy Star is a target specially designed for drone LiDAR projects to be installed on your tripod. When used with 3D Accuracy Add-on in LP360, you can achieve automated vertical and horizontal accuracy checks and improvements. Unlike traditional 2D targets, the Accuracy Star offers distinct advantages due to its 3-dimensional objects (such as spheres or discs in a well-defined pattern structure), allowing for efficient automated detection algorithms.

In his presentation, Flood reviews the setup process, advantages over 2D targets, the underlying algorithm, and shares insights from a field test conducted with a customer to showcase real-world data and the methodology’s limitations.

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